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Sure is
^Yeah, for the most part not something you can casually plug your cc info into last minute
It was the smile that did it for me
Doesn't that suggest APC and unbranded would stretch the same? Granted I haven't had the UB in black, but the indigo didn't stretch as much as the infamous APC stretch. Gonna head to the shop after New Years, I want to check out the Triple Works sulfur-died black raws. Really interested in those.
Love the details on the breast pocket
I don't think so, seeing how APC stretches much more than unbranded, but that may be due to some other thing.
I looked at a London trench yesterday which was tagged Made in England.
Source? That's pretty higher than I'd expect...
Disagree, I think the quilting lapels zips etc already make it super bold as is, and for a spring/summer dry weather jacket a breezy tan just sounds good. Bold color suede kinda washes out because of the way light bounces off it.
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