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It was the smile that did it for me
Doesn't that suggest APC and unbranded would stretch the same? Granted I haven't had the UB in black, but the indigo didn't stretch as much as the infamous APC stretch. Gonna head to the shop after New Years, I want to check out the Triple Works sulfur-died black raws. Really interested in those.
Love the details on the breast pocket
I don't think so, seeing how APC stretches much more than unbranded, but that may be due to some other thing.
I looked at a London trench yesterday which was tagged Made in England.
Source? That's pretty higher than I'd expect...
Disagree, I think the quilting lapels zips etc already make it super bold as is, and for a spring/summer dry weather jacket a breezy tan just sounds good. Bold color suede kinda washes out because of the way light bounces off it.
S/S 10 never forget
^ Oh shit Suede diamond quilt BCDR would be a near insta-paypal, maybe in a nappy taupe a la vintage brit riding jackets
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