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I have no idea. Apparently, the mechanic just charged it a while and said it fires up as it's supposed to. Admittedly it was cold the nights I tried, but it seriously wouldn't start. Idk if it's a weather thing but the bike didn't start up when it was sunny the following days either. I mean, getting stranded sucks. I may have to hit him if I tell him about that and he smiles and goes "ah yeah, that ducati personality"
Ended up with a restored 98 monster 750, mildly cafed. Will post pics as soon as it's back from the shop. As beautiful and bad ass as it is, I may trade it in for something more practical that doesn't require half of my commute time to warm up. Not especially keen on the current generation monsters, though.
07 as well, 800. Mostly stock but they are devastatingly handsome bikes. Any thing I should be wary of? I think this one had its tank replaced..
If all goes well I should have a Monster S2R in a few.. very excited.
I feel like it could work... but I would not blame the IH, he realistically could've been ccp head to toe and it still would've looked awkward. Combination of sleeve lengths, leg width, etc... Clothes are wearing him, not other way around
Sure is
^Yeah, for the most part not something you can casually plug your cc info into last minute
It was the smile that did it for me
Doesn't that suggest APC and unbranded would stretch the same? Granted I haven't had the UB in black, but the indigo didn't stretch as much as the infamous APC stretch. Gonna head to the shop after New Years, I want to check out the Triple Works sulfur-died black raws. Really interested in those.
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