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I think this is wrong in every way it can be. Calf is not thinner, it's less pliable, it's water proof, it's got a sheen and it's heavy. Like, if too close a cut, uncomfortable to wear while driving a car because your arms are not straight down at your sides (note, only if sized too small). Calf doesn't really drape and doesn't really hug your body, in a good way. It holds its shape and won't drape into contours, like wearing lamb over a layered cardigan or something...
For the genres they are popular with Purity Ring have some of the best lyrics
From previous f/w collection, one of the last of the darker gray versions available at the SF store. Worn sparingly, but the arms and shoulders are too tight on me now. Single vent, faux leather-wrapped buttons, so on.
These are patent white. Selling because I'd like a slightly looser fit and I prefer my black patent bballs more. 125 shipped CONUS.
I don't browse this forum very often but if you are who I think you are, you've improved a huge amount--unless I'm thinking of a different in stitches or am on drugs.
Has no one else ordered double-needle diamond yet? I cannot wait to get some grain on the front though, the lack of texture is upsetting.
On my phone. Hang on, will edit
I just got my lamb bcdr and it smells like cocaine srs
As much as I'd like a high-performing Monster, I prefer the look of the air cooled 2-valvers. Something about the way the engine is housed in the older Monster frame, the S4 family just looks like it has too much going on. Especially with an open clutch cover, blingy belt covers, etc... I like monsters for their stripped down "engine, seat, motor" looks.Anyway, wanted to add my underpowered 98 750Unseen: black racing stripe down middle, front fender says "DUCATI", assorted...
Got too chubz for this sort of thing, but eh Poor lighting but the shapes make it Rick Behemoth cutoff Tripleworks CP patent bball
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