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I hope this hasn't been posted yet... Raf S/S 03 Military Coat. 48/50? If it really is in NWOT condition and the buyer comes down some, this could be a really good buy.
These are the low-rise, slim leg version in black. The previous owner sold these to me as the high-rise, tapered leg, and is not willing to own up to his mistake, so I'm looking for a quick sale here. These have been hemmed by him to a 29" inseam, I'm 5'6" and the leg fit is excellent on me, but the rise is a deal-breaker. They are still rigid, unworn, and in very new condition, the creases are from trying on. No roping on the hems and ready to be molded. If you've...
These were bought a while back but never worn out. Very good condition, no loose threads, stains, tears, or anything like that. Creasing is very light and is greater due to folding than wear. Shipping will vary if you're in the states or not, plus the ever-present +4% request. Thanks! 16 waist (aligned, not dipped) 34 inseam 6.5 hem 10.5 thigh 9.5 rise
Hi, selling this jacket. Bought this a little over a year ago, had it sit around, wore it out for the first time weekend before last. So it's a year old, but in almost unworn condition. Selling because I need an every-day leather I wouldn't mind taking a spill on a motorcycle with. Sizing is a base 46 with slightly wider body and shoulders. The sleeves are 24".
Hi, selling these boots. The boots are clearly worn but are in good condition. They're marked 7- if you normally take a 7 or 40, 41 in proper shoes these will fit you. The asking price includes shipping and all that. PM if you've got any questions, I am open to trades as well.
I bought this suit from Gilt a couple days ago. I don't really need another charcoal suit but felt obligated to purchase this because I'd wanted something similar for a while. Anyway, it doesn't fit well. May trade for same in BB0. Otherwise it's back to Gilt but I'll have it for sale here for a couple weeks. I'll post pics in the coming days, but message me if you've got any questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale Puh-lease. Just because some tribe in some small island once upon a time, before they were "oppressed", thought men were mystically connected to one another in the act of sex doesn't mean we should rethink Christendom and its silly ways. Uh I wasn't making a value statement on any religion at all. I was only stating the social aversion to homosexuality was a historically euro-christian societal...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Clean That's a good and, I think generally valid point, however I am not sure how much of an explanation it provides for this specific question. Historically, attitudes towards homosexuality varied considerably between different cultures and during different times. As far as I know, condemnation of the phenomenon has not been significantly more widespread than acceptance or encouragement. In my opinion, it is therefore...
I have these in a 30, if you sell instead of trade.
Drops, TOJ 500 Somet 100. Kkkkkkkop?
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