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Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale Puh-lease. Just because some tribe in some small island once upon a time, before they were "oppressed", thought men were mystically connected to one another in the act of sex doesn't mean we should rethink Christendom and its silly ways. Uh I wasn't making a value statement on any religion at all. I was only stating the social aversion to homosexuality was a historically euro-christian societal...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Clean That's a good and, I think generally valid point, however I am not sure how much of an explanation it provides for this specific question. Historically, attitudes towards homosexuality varied considerably between different cultures and during different times. As far as I know, condemnation of the phenomenon has not been significantly more widespread than acceptance or encouragement. In my opinion, it is therefore...
I have these in a 30, if you sell instead of trade.
Drops, TOJ 500 Somet 100. Kkkkkkkop?
Added Silent
Mo drops
Some drops. Yes on the elbow patches.
More stuff: Somet 030, sz 31 Hasn't been worn or soaked. 16.5" (dipped) waist 12" thigh 11.25" rise 7" hem 33" inseam 150.00 > 125.00 http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l1...z/101_9119.jpg http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l1...z/101_9122.jpg Generic Man Sportsman, 8.5 Lined in leather, no wear on the heels or the insoles. Worn a couple times but they're half a size too large for me. 75.00 >...
Hi, selling this jacket. It's a 46, stock or possibly with an inch taken off the sleeves. I'll take detailed measurements and refer to the order email later, but I'll post stock photos for now. shoulders, front\t16.8" shoulders, back\t16.3" chest (pit-to-pit)\t20.5" waist\t 18.5" body length, front\t20.5" body length, back\t23.0" sleeve length, from shoulder\t23.5" It's in the same condition as it was when I got it, hasn't really been worn. I'll...
Can any LV/Prada/Gucci item be worn without it being a case of conspicuous consumption?
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