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I want an extremely breathable denim suited for hot weather. Lightweight is probably a good idea, but my focus is on breathability. I was thinking about the linen blends until I saw the painters. Any suggestion between the two, or any alternatives? I wear a 29 in wg elephant 2, want to stay around the same shape with a major cut on the inseam.
I can kind of understand what you're saying. All else equal, maybe a complicated design takes more to execute. But realistically, it's easy to imagine a scenario in which stopping a run of some over-done design to do a simple one might be more expensive. Also, take a look around. Finding clean shapes and lines like WANT has is just hard. There isn't much of it around and I expect there would be a premium tied to the minority aesthetic.Yes, I agree WANT is a label. That's...
You're saying it's too "simple" for the price? That is, simple designs should cost less, complicated designs should cost more?WANT's lack of a designer label is what makes customers come their way in the first place.
Is that this: http://www.styleforum.net/t/255388/temple-of-jawnz-a-2-bomber-46
Lowered price.
Price drop.
Price drop.
Looks like the shell is a blend and the lining is poly.
Little too big for me (5'6" ~135 lbs) Picked up off here, interested in a quick sale. Jacket measurements: pit to pit 20" shoulders 17.5" sleeve 24" length sans collar 27.5" waist at middle button 19" Trouser measurements: waist aligned 15.5" inseam 27.5" (inches of fabric to be let out) hem 8" rise...
Hey, updated with some measurements. Coreyaugustus, the back is double vented. I'd really like to see this gone so throw me offers.
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