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Price drop again & necrobumping
Sup bros, selling these because they're a little too big. They're unhemmed, worn one time and folded and stacked ever since. Very stiff. I've got the tags and N&F knick knacks as well, if you're into that sort of thing. I'd be interested in trading for the same in a 28. If you've hemmed yours, that's cool, but I'd like minimal fading please. Shipping varies (ask). 15 - 15.5 waist 11 thigh 9.5 rise 7 hem, a little over 33 inseam
Sorry I'm a little ignorant, but $15 oxfords? Anyone have more info on this? Seconds, possibly?
Mo green in your green, basically. Olive's a murky mix of greens, greys, browns, etc.
I wear armored motorcycle leather most of the year so I suppose it's relatively comfortable. The lining, though, is objectively awesome. Extremely smooth and it's got that lovely "cooled" effect when slid on.It looks to me like the bottle green is a more saturated hue, which I guess can make it look darker. The earthiness of olive definitely lends itself to the darker, more understated side of things.
I think it's got more to do with lighting conditions, iPhone seems to change foreground colors to work with background colors for color balance, I think the green is really susceptible to this.
Yeah, the olive green. Floored by how smooth and comfortable it is, inside as well outside.
I got this a few days ago but haven't had time to take good pictures. Not that these are good pictures, but at least there's some sunlight before I go to work. [[SPOILER]]
Got tracking number late July 5th/Early July 6th, getting a "not found at this time" message when trying to search. Anyone else get this? Do I try again in another day? It's only an issue because there are two addresses it may have been sent to.
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