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Whoring this out again. [[SPOILER]]
Fuckin called it.But Drew, did you intend for Coppidge to be interpreted along the lines of "copping"? Like, "yo dog mad cops son"?
Plot twist: Drew is actually just changing his name to John Coppidge.
Auburn looks good. I like the scrunched sleeves and tussled hair.
Oct 17 has passed, is this open/closed?
I went with olive.
Fit pic of leather and details. Really hard to capture all at once. [[SPOILER]]
And not even the fancy, absorbent ones.
Loved these but they're slightly too big now. Rare and flew off the shelves at self edge way back when. These have been hemmed, not by an enormous amount. Measurements coming pending interest. 16 waist 11 - 10 thigh 9.5 rise a little over 7 in the hem, leg above measures wider. 33.5 inseam Price dropped, send offers!
Price drop again & necrobumping
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