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I've worn these out once so they're in great condition (minus a snag on the green trimming on the right boot--see pic for detail). I magic-erasered the vibram sole; you'll probably want to do similarly if you want to keep them close to white. I usually take an 8 in sneakers and 7 in shoes/boots, and these fit just a little snug so you will have some flexibility regarding sizing if you're a little smaller.
Just read the latter half of the thread. What the fuck
Looking to replace my standby wet-weather boots (red wing GT). I want something a little taller and more elegantly shaped. Think a higher and straighter instep, a raised but pointed toe box, simple punched eyelets without hardwear, thicker sole. Goodyear stitching is okay. An angular, sidezip combat is what I want. I like KVA and CP, and I have Raf but not sure I want to put those through water regularly. Are there options I haven't explored? Danner service boot sounds...
Oh right, I hear "olive" and immediately think about the Italian calf skin greens. I'm not one for fishtails but that one up there is looking damn slick.
Whoring this out again. [[SPOILER]]
Fuckin called it.But Drew, did you intend for Coppidge to be interpreted along the lines of "copping"? Like, "yo dog mad cops son"?
Plot twist: Drew is actually just changing his name to John Coppidge.
Auburn looks good. I like the scrunched sleeves and tussled hair.
Oct 17 has passed, is this open/closed?
I went with olive.
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