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Has no one else ordered double-needle diamond yet? I cannot wait to get some grain on the front though, the lack of texture is upsetting.
On my phone. Hang on, will edit
I just got my lamb bcdr and it smells like cocaine srs
As much as I'd like a high-performing Monster, I prefer the look of the air cooled 2-valvers. Something about the way the engine is housed in the older Monster frame, the S4 family just looks like it has too much going on. Especially with an open clutch cover, blingy belt covers, etc... I like monsters for their stripped down "engine, seat, motor" looks.Anyway, wanted to add my underpowered 98 750Unseen: black racing stripe down middle, front fender says "DUCATI", assorted...
Got too chubz for this sort of thing, but eh Poor lighting but the shapes make it Rick Behemoth cutoff Tripleworks CP patent bball
Uniform, broke out redwings on a whim retrosuperfuture toj hm tripleworks redwing
They fit about a size large, but somehow doable with insoles or whatever. They're just really roomy interior shapes.
I sold a TOJ for more than I paid without even realizing it
Quick! Hands in pockets, guys!
Put in an order for black lamb bc rider, silver zips double-needle diamond quilting. I thought I could just order and forget about it, but damn that wait is painful!
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