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Interesting, I haven't seen that configuration done much. Lengths make the zips and stuff look odd. Here's mine after a couple years.
I bought into fashion with the raw denim americana thing, as many of you have and I've pretty much ditched all of it but I always gravitate back to black raws. I've tried other stuff, and they have their place, but I really miss the heft of the denim and the "these are clearly mine" quality of worn, raw denim. I went through a couple phases of where I thought I quit caring about clothes and tried on some 511s, etc, and realized even if I thought I no longer cared about...
NZ lamb Dun dun dun
Caps lock gets shit done
The lapels do chill out eventually, but they don't really fold out like those of the DR. Jacket looks good.
Need to free up some funds quickly. Selling this in a small, fits pretty true, maybe a tiny bit slouchy in the front. Definitely not undersized. Condition I'd say is a 9/10. I only wore it a couple times after purchasing in June. Fabric: Ramie/Cotton/Wool/Calf leather (RU 4784) Measurements: Shoulder: 17" Pit to pit: 20" Sleeves: 28" Back length: 24" (with collar: 28") Front length: 24" (with collar: around 27.5)
BNIB. Can ship anywhere. album
Birthday thing at a loungey sort of place. toj shirt, tie united dry stock raf simons
That 2010 DR is beautiful. Can't wait for my first lamb jacket to look like that, its lack of texture is boring.
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