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NZ lamb Dun dun dun
Caps lock gets shit done
The lapels do chill out eventually, but they don't really fold out like those of the DR. Jacket looks good.
Need to free up some funds quickly. Selling this in a small, fits pretty true, maybe a tiny bit slouchy in the front. Definitely not undersized. Condition I'd say is a 9/10. I only wore it a couple times after purchasing in June. Fabric: Ramie/Cotton/Wool/Calf leather (RU 4784) Measurements: Shoulder: 17" Pit to pit: 20" Sleeves: 28" Back length: 24" (with collar: 28") Front length: 24" (with collar: around 27.5)
BNIB. Can ship anywhere. http://imgur.com/a/AGPBn album
Birthday thing at a loungey sort of place. toj shirt, tie united dry stock raf simons
That 2010 DR is beautiful. Can't wait for my first lamb jacket to look like that, its lack of texture is boring.
I think this is wrong in every way it can be. Calf is not thinner, it's less pliable, it's water proof, it's got a sheen and it's heavy. Like, if too close a cut, uncomfortable to wear while driving a car because your arms are not straight down at your sides (note, only if sized too small). Calf doesn't really drape and doesn't really hug your body, in a good way. It holds its shape and won't drape into contours, like wearing lamb over a layered cardigan or something...
For the genres they are popular with Purity Ring have some of the best lyrics
From previous f/w collection, one of the last of the darker gray versions available at the SF store. Worn sparingly, but the arms and shoulders are too tight on me now. Single vent, faux leather-wrapped buttons, so on.
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