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That hurt a small part of me
Calf is water proof as is. Haven't needed to apply anything to my calf rider yet and it's about 3 years old.
Two different users
Pretty sure jail time is par for the course when you steal 100,000+ dollars.
From Crust. Ramie/cotton/wool/calf. shoulder: 17" p2p: 20" sleeves: 28" back length: 24"/28" front length: 24"/27.5" Condition is about 8-9/10. There are signs of wear (sleeves) but no damage or anything similar. 800 -> 720 -> 650 -> 580 --> 524
I'm thinking the latter, or perhaps he just needed some liquidity fast since TOJ had been abandoned and Libertine was suddenly taken from him
FWIW, I bought a quilted band collar when the first deadline was announced, it arrived normally. Then I became a little confused when there seemed to be three more deadlines after that, which is where I think shit becomes sketchy. When you're winding down operations it doesn't make sense to accommodate massive last-minute surges unless somethings up
Is that an 3gs
That jacket is going to look so good beaten up and worn in a bit
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