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I'm actually thinkin in terms of opening a shop vs. buying for myself so ordering from a proxy is not what I would be doing. While I realize that the avg person would not care for these labels, I'm wondering if there is enough people interested so that a shop in Long Beach carrying some Japanese brands would fill a void and do pretty well. Generally speaking, the streetwear and high end boutiques cater to a niche market. I'm just wondering if shop with Japanese brands...
^yup the LBC There seems to be some spots in LA but not really Long Beach. In addition to the locals, maybe people in closer proximity would travel there vs. LA. I know theres Proper down there that has been around for a while. Whats your take?
So, there seems to be a decent amount of exposure for Japanese brands on the streetwear blogs but a search here or Sufu hasn't yielded much in terms of discussion. Besides denim, are they popular only in Asia? Examples would be Bedwin, Attachment, NBHD, Wtaps, Undercover, etc. I'm guessing a part of it has to do with the fact that its not easy to get. On a side note, are there any spots in Long Beach that carries japanese brands and denim. Do you think a shop...
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