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You look fantastic.
Absolutely brilliant post. I'm gonna have to read your priors posts on here. Talk about regulating.
Hi all: I needed some advice. I promise this will be my last post on shoes. I have been searching for double monk strap shoes in my size (I wear a size fifteen shoe). And what I found is that the only company that can make them in my size is Paul Stuart. However, the shoes would not be returnable as they will be made for a 15. Does anyone have any advice on Paul Stuart shoes? I knew that the shoes will be made in Spain and from what I gather the shoes are...
Thanks so much the advice from both of you. Much appreciated!
Hi All: I have a question that I hope someone can help me with here. It's regarding shoes for guys with big feet. I wear a size 15 shoe and high quality brands rarely make shoes in that size (magnanni being an exception and they fit me well). So here' s my dilemma: I want to get a double-monk strap shoe, but I cannot find any companies that make it in that size; magnanni, the shoes that fit me best, only make a single monk strap. Does anyone have any...
Thank you so much your reply. Good question about why I'm looking at Bastian without the experiernce. It's my fault for not being more clear. I really like the look of his rugby shirts. I think it's the best looking one (at least from what I have seen on the web) on the market. But thanks for letting me that his stuff runs real slim. Thank you.
I, too, am looking for some clothing by Bastian. But here's my question: Does anyone have an idea regrading the specific fit of his clothes? Do they run small or large? Particually the shirts -- I am thinking about getting one of his rugby shirts. I ask b/c I usually wear an extra large (I'm 6'3 and my shirt size is typically 16 X 36) and don't live anywhere near a store that carries his line. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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