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These have been warm soaked and have an unaltered hem. I tried them on postsoak, after they were completely dry to see if they fit, alas they are too big. I'm selling them with the intention of purchasing a size 32 from Self Edge. Help me out! Get a discount! Price is $400USD. They will only be for sale so long as Self Edge has size 32s available. If SE sells out, I'll keep 'em until I put on weight. Also open to trade for size 32. Cheers! Post Soak Measurements: Waist:...
$100>>$90>>>$80 I bought this last year and have outgrown it. The fabric is super soft, solid charcoal grey flannel. It has been meticulously cared for. Multiple cold washes with Woolite Dark and always hang dried. It is in remarkably good shape with no loose threads and only minimal roping at the hem, a testament to the original manufacture of the shirt. Garment has tons of life left. Standard Epaulet medium measurements, as follows: Chest: ...
I have no interest in wearing them, but still want them identified, please. Thanks.
Bump, wicked seller!
Bump. Get at me!
Was too slow on the recent thread in SWD. If any of those who purchased a pair in this size (color: Earth) aren't satisfied, I'll happily acquire them from you. Cheers.
^^^What was the quoted turnaround time for your order?
Bump for quality transaction and seller. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by FlyingLotus Sorry to revive an old thread, but i was wondering if anyone can tell me about the fit of the cyril aviator 08 ? Im 6'4, around a size 38 but the measurements seem a bit short on the jacket... Also, would the jacket way too hot for california? Completely depends on which part of CA you live in. I live in the valley and got good wear out of my Emory during the last four months. That said, I'd...
I've been looking for the dry wax bicycle jacket for while. Anybody know of an outlet that still carries it in Medium?
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