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I got 1b and 2b today they are nice buttons. The problem i have is that they are no way "Brioni" buttons. I am sure to know this since i own 10 Brioni shirts. the pictures of 2b should be taken again they are lighter than u have them pictured to be. Nice buttons but people are paying the prices u have up because you list them as "brioni" buttons. if you had them as just mop buttons no one would pay these prices.
and if there is a group buy ill take a shot with a size 18..68 buxx is worth it since i paid 250-300 for one
they might be seconds if u look at his feedback i see 3 different people complaining about the wrong size..i have 3 borrelli shirts and they fit to size listed anyway my 2 cents
you should just leave it alone he could have made u send the payment and never sent you the item or you could have sent him a check and he would have told you he never got payment these are some things i saw on ebay for the past 12 years i am on there
nice shoes can they turn into a size 12 ? lol
thats the nicest overcoat i ever seen too bad it wont fit me though
size 38-40 would help lol
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