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Quote: Originally Posted by laphroaig I'm too small-timer to ever wear a codpiece. Have you considered perhaps using a sock or appropriately-large produce?
For $390, you best be getting a goodyear welted leather sole. Aside from that, the leather looks pretty plastic-like. Although I do like the style and subtle details.
Quote: Originally Posted by MillionaireTeacher Any "faux paux" with this one? Comments on Style? Age? One too many buttons, high button stance, no waist supression (or any attempt at a "fitted" style at all, for that matter) either short sleeves or a long jacket, substitute-teacher pattern, and some of the ugliest shoulders I've ever seen on a sportscoat. Now some of the geezers on this fora may disagree on many of these points,...
I have never thought so hard about potatoes in my life.
Charcoal. Whereas with black you could really only wear it with a black suit, a nice charcoal overcoat will go well with all colors from navy to brown (and even black).
I drool over this picture.
Moo, those boots are absolutely gorgeous. As for me, my next ankle boot purchase has got to be the crocodile print craftsman from RMW. What better way to look like a big timer?
I swear by Tommy John. A bit pricy, but the fit and cooling ability is second-to-none.
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