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I love the lacing. How did you do it?
I do it everyday, my watch bands, other than grosgrain and leather, leave me with a nasty rash on my wrist.
I work at JAB- this year's cord is better than last year's. It will be a good jacket for 2-3 years if you wear it daily.
When I got my Aldens, my friend who sold them to me broke the vamp. Ie He took two wooden dowels and put them on either side of where the crease should be, and had me flex. Voila- perfect creases.
Wrinkle free shirts do the trick, though taboo here and at AA, no wrinkles showing.
I think he's speaking about the fabric above the top button hole, is rolling a bit, causing his tie to sit lower on the collar. I have the same problem, I correct it with a straight pin.
Depending what you need done, the typicall term is side seams in, or front panel. Side seams involves taking in material on both sides of the seam, front panel only is just taking in on the front. It shouldnt cost you more than $20 to do either of the options.
typically, a vent overlays some fabric, so you'd have to find a tailor who can create a new overlay.
From Crown to Toe, the Proper Elegance of Dress
Well, if it is a nice suit, ie really nice OTR (an oxymoron of course), most of them come with pleats, and some people just dont work well with pleats.
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