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Quote: Originally Posted by dcg TDI A3 would be awesome except for Audi's insistence on not making it available with proper transmission/drive train choices. Only comes in Auto and FWD. I want manual and Quattro. In Europe you can get A3 with all combinations of FWD/AWD and auto/manual.
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr No. A whole $10k for a douchebag badge? Thread should read "GTI". No other suggestions. I would also avoid the leather. It's more like $20k difference where I live. S3 has quattro drive, 265 hp, magnetic ride, s-tronic, much better interior..
If you like GTI, take a look at Audi S3. It's more expensive but better than GTI in every way.
Quote: Originally Posted by Michigan Planner I can understand your trepidition about going to the Dalmation Coast too as I imagine it's difficult to drive to Dubrovnik from northern Croatia since it's pretty well separated - everywhere I went was either by boat or helicoptor, so I didn't have to worry about crossing from Croatia into Bosnia and Herzegovina and back into Dalmatia to get to Dubrovnik. I'm from Croatia. It's not at all difficult...
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