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I keep an old arcteryx vest in my office for this exact reason. It's an incognito bib.
I just find it funny that since no one has posted that they received their jacket on SF people assume that no jackets have been sent out. Do you really think the entirety of the TOJ market hangs out in this thread?
RO F/W14
Black/black TOJ0 that I ordered June 30 is on it's way.
Just preference really. The dungaree fabric seems sturdier and I like the cut better. At some point I will get some climbers because I do like the stretch.
I have been wearing the dungarees every day for a couple of years now. They feel like they will last forever. I never wear any of the OGs or any denim anymore.
If these were pants from an actual fashion label would you be complaining that they aren't making the same things as previous seasons? It's pretty obvious that their MO these days is to make whatever they feel like. I'm not sure they owe it to you to make the same pair of pants over and over.That being said if they ever stop making slim dungs I'll be in the same boat as you.
[[SPOILER]] Trichome had a pic up on their instagram of a pair of hike pants from them? I don't see them on the website though. Looks promising in a reigning champ sort of way. Not really tech gear though.
Try the Arc Therme or the Norse Rokkvi? Not super slim fitting but probably as close as you can get and not freeze.(I'm in Saskatoon so I understand)
Regarding Massif - here was the auction that sold all the remaining stock. I'm assuming the website is just whoever bought that running down the remaining pieces.
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