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You have got to be kidding.
To add to the (D)IPA talk - split this with a friend last night and it was fantastic: This week I've also had a couple Dieu de Ciel stouts. I liek the Aphrodisiaque better out of the two. A local brewery just put out a Black IPA as well which was fantastic. I split the growler with my wife who made it through half of her pint. Apologies for crappy Untappd photos.
I'm sure most people have seen this but Paste did a blind tasting of 116 American IPAs. I thought the article was really interesting. And Grapefruit Sculpin was really high on the 116. I've got a case coming back from Arizona with my friend's parents next week, because Ballast Point still hates Canada, but I'm really excited to try it out. Sculpin was one of my first IPA loves.
I find Duchess de Bourgogne is a good starter. If people are new to sours it is barely recognizable as beer.
One more late entry due to Canadian customs. This great box of beer from @Ken P arrived in my office today. Super stoked to get into these. I leave for Barbados tomorrow and the HIll Farmstead's, Lunch and the FB-90 are all coming with me.
[[SPOILER]] AA sheer jersey loose crew summer Ts are probably the closest thing they do to the JE u-necks.
You don't? Charly is just a dude with access to the toj e-mail account at this point. You aren't going through him for anything.
I size them the same as I did my OGs which was making sure the waist fit. I find the SD fit is super forgiving because of the gusseted crotch. I've got four pairs of SD now and if I wasn't so lazy I'd get rid of the rest of my Outlier pants.
What is happening here?
No doubt. That is phenomenal!
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