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I am close to your age, 6'1" and pretty slender myself. I had never owned a suit before i bought a ludlow. I ended up copping one from one of the major associate sales they offer. I opted for a 36r and I could not have been happier with the fit out of the box. But I decided to take it to a tailor to get the jacket trimmed up and it came out awesome. I don't know if I would pay full price for one but I just could not pass it up.Good luck with whatever you choose!
Whitman herringbone. Solid jacket
Just purchased the Vintage slim-fit selvedge jean in medium worn wash. Will report back and post pictures when they are in hand.
Nope sorry guys no link. I saw it all in person
Nope, nice link though. Haven't seen that before.
Tell me about it, we still have 2 months of summer weather here.A couple new button up shirts really caught my eye.New slim cashmere sweaters.They are really harping on the Ludlow jacket this next month as well.
Just got a sneak peek of the first set of Fall '11 clothes.. needless to say, I want it all.
Quote: Originally Posted by deez nuts for those who have the 484 selvedge denim and have worn them for a while, how much do they stretch? a SA told me they dont stretch much and to stick to my true size...i'm a true 32x30. but i've heard others saying to get the 31x30. thoughts? I have 2 pair of the 484. The resin crinkle and black resin crinkle. The indigo resin crinkle have not been washed and have stretched quite a bit BUT the black...
Quote: Originally Posted by kidtwist91 Has anyone seen this in person? http://www.jcrew.com/mens_special_sh...~~~~/42101.jsp Im a tall size and with the current deal I'm very tempted to pull the trigger. I happen to own this shirt. It's pretty nice. But I am a sucker and own almost any navy J crew shirt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ctrl+W you can try them on at your local barney's co-op to get an idea on sizing. i personally did not like the fit because it gave me massive hip flares, so unless you have a big ass like our friend, nicholas jonas, you might be in for a disappointment! Thanks, Thanks alot man. Youve been awesome help. Im planning on going to the Houston Gallaria this weekend so I will look around there.
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