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Bought a belt from them, it is good quality leather and the service was solid.
Quote: Originally Posted by halisray Why would you take a shower with your jacket on? Drew mentioned it as an option to break in / toughen up the lambskin.
Try scraping as much of the oil off with something somewhat soft (e.g. plastic not metal) and then use an old coarse toothbrush to get some more off and then Obenaufs. You could even use some soap/water but you'd definitely have to use the Obenaufs afterwards.
Black lamb bomber came in earlier this week, pretty much spot on. Was surprised to find the ribbing around the waist so tight but other that it's pretty damn sweet. Just debating whether to hot shower with the jacket or not... Will try post a fit soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg Yeah, something with the sleeves looks off, but I'd love to see that material. hmm I will get the sleeves shortened a bit, they aren't really slim fitting sleeves but that's the pea design in general i think. How about the chest? Take it in a bit?
Here's a shit iPhone pic, crappy lighting and a few days of stubble to round things out. This picture definitely doesn't do the coat, especially the material, justice. At first I was worried that I didn't go for black, however the black and white herringbone looks great in person. When I first tried this on I thought I might get it shortened an inch and taken in slightly. Now I'm not sure. Wearing a T and a Pendleton wool shirt underneath, there is enough room to...
Just got my ToJ black/white herringbone peacoat from the sample sale. Great quality and I believe the size is very close. Might have it slimmed down since I don't need to layer much in Vancouver, not sure though. I'll post a fit pic and maybe you guys can help me decide... Really nice though, if you're on the fence for a winter jacket you can't go wrong with the Pea.
36 Merino = robocopped!
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Can you post the exact excerpt/email that you received that is advertising these down products were in fact manufactured in Japan? I must not be on Context's mailing list. I am just curious to see if it was a pure oversight and description error. Or possibly a deliberate "oversight". This with the foresight that some people may steer clear of Made in China labels, such as yourself, apparently. As we've been all...
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one it seems counter intuitive or something, but with that lamb, wear it in the rain as much as possible, give it a hot shower at home even (and dry flat) and the grain will shrink a bit and the leather will get a little tougher. it's just full of lanolin when you get it, which makes it tender like skin. After a few cycles of rain, you really can just throw over the sofa or whatever - it's a leather jacket, so it...
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