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I didn't read the Reddit link, so perhaps I'm repeating the comments, but I still think a navy blazer is an absolute requirement for a man's wardrobe. It's a cliche but true: you can dress it up or dress it down. Traveling? Wear it on the plane and use the pockets for passport, money, and boarding pass. Grey flannels for colder climates, olive or mustard trousers for the tropics. A couple of dress shirts, a couple of polo shirts, a couple of ties, and you're set for...
I used Graly Shirtmaker in Wan Chai last winter and was very satisfied. Very good selection of fabrics at 450 HKD. Turnaround time 4 days. No minimum - in fact, I was discouraged from ordering too much until I saw the fit. I can't compare to AC, but certainly superior to the "traveling tailors" we see in North America. The Web presence (and shop itself, for that matter) does not inspire confidence. But I was happy with the product and would order again.
Nothing wrong with the trains. I just meant that they are a little more challenging with a youngster. You're lugging around suitcases, plus him, diaper bag, etc.
Taking a toddler to Europe is possible - even fun - provided your expectations are realistic. You'll see about half the sights you would see if it was just you and your wife. The other half of your time will be spent at the park or playground, or waiting for naptime to be over. I think 300 Euros a night is plenty - we've always spent less than that and have managed just fine. However, I'd be looking for apartments or family rooms for travel with a young child. Mine were...
Alden. The Shoe Mart in Connecticut carries a lot of inventory in narrow widths. They also have a semi-secret list of factory seconds that they will send to you regularly. I don't have a link but search "Shoe Mart Alden Irregulars" or something similar and you'll find it. I believe that there are threads here describing the various AE and Alden lasts.
Yes. I ordered a $120 sweater in the spring and the duty/taxes/brokerage was over $60. I refused delivery and BB credited my Amex for the purchase price less a $20 return shipping charge.
I don't know if you're checking SF during your trip, but Jacobs and Co. is the best steakhouse (IMO).
I was at the new Harry Rosen Outlet store at Vaughn Mills. A very small space, stuffed with clothes. Suits and sportcoats were mostly Tilford and Baumler, although I saw some nice Corneliani jackets for $1299. No Brioni (in my size, anyway). Sales staff very young - skinny guys in skinny suits, and some attractive, flirty women. There was one early-middle-age SA, who seemed to be doing the heavy-lifting. I think the selection is more upscale at Heartland, but so, too,...
I can't recommend anyone, but I would have the following concern: Anything I've ever had custom made - shirts, trousers, jackets - took a couple of tries before the fit and style were what I wanted. So, you're stuck with a shirt or pair of trousers that aren't perfect...you wear them as needed, but you prefer the clothes where you've nailed the fit. Obviously, with an overcoat, you'd better get exactly what you want the first time. Otherwise, you've paid a lot of money...
To my seventeen-year-old son, for his semi-formal Friday night. His Gymboree days were cheaper!
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