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Quote: Originally Posted by Nereis In addition, anyone who bought their bag off ebay should have known by now that their bags are seconds, bags deemed unsuitable for direct sale via their website. I'm waiting for mine to show up! I'm sure I will love it. This is a big disconcerning, though. I bought mine off Ebay and there was no mention at all of it being a second! They specifically stated "new" not "new - second" or any thing else to...
i've read it. It seems they just have a hate on for Saddleback. Opinions vary... I'm excited waiting for mine to show up. I can't wait! Jack
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman I cut the edge at one of the shoulder straps to confirm that it is, indeed, vat dyed through and through. You posted other photos of your bag. Can you post a photo of the cut? I'd love to see the inside of the leather. Thanks, Jack
Quote: Originally Posted by Deuce Here are some pictures, its tough to get a good picture but I did my best. Deuce, Do you think it won't last? Or just crappy look\\feel? Jack
Arrogant Bastard, I think we know how you feel about the company. Any thoughts on the bags themselves? I want to get a feel for it before it arrives. Thanks, Jack
Hello All, I just joined this forum. Love the drama! Lets get back on track. Saddleback v. M&W Traveler. I ordered a medium Saddleback briefcase but haven't received it yet. Obviously you know how I voted... I'd like to hear more from Saddleback owners as to how these bags hold up stiffness wise. New photos show them nice and stiff but I've seen some older photos and they look a little ...flaccid. I know they have a 100 year warranty but I'm sure they...
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