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bump! I'm getting my Saddleback briefcase tonight! The anticipation almost killed me...
Quote: Originally Posted by DrZRM It's not a snap, it's a hole in the leather that goes over a...rivet with a bulb, like you can see on the strap. It's called a Sam Browne stud. Very nice clean way to keep it closed. Very nice bag, BTW. Jack
No, not yet. I'm about 50 miles from the post office. I'm passing it on my way to see KISS next weekend in Minneapolis. I'll pick it up then. I can't wait!
Quote: Originally Posted by BoutrosBoutros $117 at RC Sorry, i got to ask. Is that a shirt?
Duluth Pack makes a nice one. May not have the profile you want... Jack
Thanks, those are great. The middle belt that is attached to the flap is secured on the outside as opposed to being rivited through a slit in the leather. Is this a change in the design? Jack
Hey, check out the poll. Saddleback's coming around the outside! Neck and neck now! Whip that nag, go,go,go!
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Hey - this is Douglas's brother. Fuck you guys. LOL. Someone has your password!
Quote: Originally Posted by Saddleback Leather Hi there, this is Dave, Jonathan's brother. I"ll reply to the other stuff in a later post, but just wanted to tell you that I started selling bags on eBay and am now slowly getting off of it. I have bags listed up there that are firsts and the seconds are on Dave's Deals on the website. We sold a heck of a lot of seconds on eBay though. So, if you bought off of eBay recently and it didn't say "Second",...
Quote: Originally Posted by chenc I got mine today: briefcase in carbon black today. I'm still evaluating it, so no comments so far except that it does feel heavy and takes up quite a bit of space. In the meantime, does anyone have any photo requests? Yes, pohots would be great! From any angle you can take that hasn't been covered yet. Maybe side shot with flap straight up? Also, how did you order your - website or Ebay? Second or...
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