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I used INA several years ago. I'm not very familiar with different consignment styles, but I didn't have a great experience. They are pretty selective in what they choose, and the items have to be recent (I was quoted within ~2 years old, e.g. from S/S 2015). Their prices from a buyer's perspective weren't very competitive either, though they do have a timed price discount system (XX% discount after 1 month or something). I sent in a few designer knits (jil, MMM) that...
I really need to clean out my closet. Does anyone have good recommendations for consignment? It'd be nice to support another member of this forum.
Fok please just start a thread about the luxire collab already!
In general, viridi-anne tends to vary from item to item. Having tried on a lot of the AW11-15 coats, 3 fits more like a 48. The horsehide moto-(ish) rider that is released every season fits tighter this year (also uses some more pliable horsehide), so 3 = 46. For pants, 3 is almost always a 46 waist unless you have super skinny legs.
YMMV, I've been partial to lexol products and I've never personally had any problems with them for leather clothing for the past 7-8 years I've been using it. I'm not as familiar with that specific allen edmonds product, but a brief googling makes me think it would work well. If in doubt, test out a small spot and rub it in. Also, a good rule of thumb is to use less rather than more when it comes to conditioning and/or cleaning; you can always condition more later if the...
Those are oils rising to the surface of the leather. No need to worry, but left untreated I've seen this lead to mold. You can get reduce the white spots by treating the leather with some leather conditioner and thoroughly massaging/rubbing through these areas.
Yes, do not dry clean waxed garments. You have to wash it with just water. I let the fur side air by flipping the coat inside out, but I would send it to a fur specialist at least once every two years.
Up for sale are a pair of Bless shorts size M, which is about a US 28. Never worn, purchased at project no. 8's sale last year. These fit pretty slim.
langlitz typically doesn't do horsehide, but will reluctantly do so for a pretty significant upcharge (~$1000 from 3-4 years ago, if I remember correctly). Their cow is quite fantastic though.
John Molloy > Arancraft, though both are pretty itchy and fit rather loose for their sizing.
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