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Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee Sony laptops are great at this price point; very reliable. I suggest getting a good processor and some sort of graphics card (not an accelerator), and keeping in mind that memory can be upgraded as needed. And ditto to the non-mac advice, unless you're already used to the system or need it for processional reasons. Sorry OP I'm not trying to hijack the thread, but what's an "accelerator?"
Quote: Originally Posted by takashi +1 I wish I picked Lennon... Or kept Van der Vaart's fat, lazy Dutch ass on the bench!
My only advice would be to stay away from Macs. They're great computers, especially if you plan on using their multimedia software a lot, but you're paying a ridiculous premium for the brand and you can get a much more powerful system at the same price point.
/res This thread needs more pics. Ones with links that aren't broken. I ordered some boots online and will show my attempted tuck when they come in (unless it's so horrid that I'm too embarrassed to post it on ze internet).
Quote: Originally Posted by olstudios slightly, no nudity, sorry didn't post the is sunday lol. Haha it's okay. I didn't click because I assumed it might be a little risque. I'm not at work but I am in a public place so it's probably best I browse through the link at a later date.
So I'm looking at getting another credit card with a higher limit to make purchasing easier. I pay my balance every month so interest rate isn't really important to me. My question is, what cards have the best rewards programs? I figure if I'm going to be using it I might as well try and get whatever free stuff I can. So which programs are best, most reliable, etc? Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by olstudios ...knock yourself out NSFW?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine Engines with editors and scripting languages are what you need to know for game design. You'll find books for Unreal Development Kit, great online resources for Valve Source, and excellent documentation for Unity 3d. Do you mean the overall process? The programming side? The pipeline? The production/development process? How they get made, from conception to design to product launch. This person does...
Quote: Originally Posted by madstaxbro In need of a wine colored belt with screw/snap hardware. I'm not at all a fan of that, but to each his own.
Quote: Originally Posted by olstudios If your with Verizon the Droid X and the incredible which are both excellent devices. If you want to switch i would probably go with sprint, for $80 you get unlimited everything and the evo or the epic are both awesome phones also. I wouldn't recommend switching to AT&T to get the iPhone, there service is ok but they have a cap on the amount of data you can use. I think rooting voids your warranty but you...
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