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Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor you have answered the question yourself. the hand me down may not have enough wear left in it to warrant large alteration costs. It's in great condition, it was hardly worn. What is an alteration like that going to cost me, ball park?
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian That will be a big issue. On the other hand, slimming the pants and shortening the sleeves should be easy for a tailor to accomplish. But still possible? Or should I just give this one to the goodwill? The one that's only a little bit too big in the shoulders was given a little extra room (I believe) for me to grow, because I'm 21. However, at this point I don't think my shoulders are going to...
I have some questions about getting a couple suits I have altered. Is there a megathread with general advice about what to do/what not to do, and what can and cannot be done? The jackets for both suits are too large in the shoulders, one only a little bit and one a lot. The sleeves are also too long on one of the jackets. For the pants, they seem too wide in the leg for me, is it possible to have them tailored for a slimmer fit? Thanks for the help and suggestions!
Arsenal is garbage... support Blackburn Rovers!
Quote: Originally Posted by Korben Yeah Oregon that night was just unstoppable. Down here in the SEC I think next year will be the year of LSU and Tennessee and maybe Arkansas. Georgia is falling, Florida will have to move away from their triple-option type offense and I for see problems. I know it's not a true triple option like navy, but it kinda is. LSU is packed with great talent, Arkansas seems to getting primed, and Tennessee (warning a little bias...
Quote: Originally Posted by JonHecht "My question is, what is the difference between a tie with a pointed end and a tie with a square end?" One has a pointed end and the other a square one. I should have known someone would reply with this nugget... touche
Oregon State dominates Cal at their place to (finally) get back into the top 25. Best wishes to Jahvid Best, took a very scary fall during the game. Oregon losing puts the Pac-10 title race wide open, who do you lot think will end up winning it and booking a place to the Rose Bowl?
... and the Rams are undefeated for 2 weeks in a row... Progress, baby!
This is my first post here at SF, so please forgive me if there is already another topic on this. I searched, but alas, was unable to find anything helpful. My question is, what is the difference between a tie with a pointed end and a tie with a square end? When should/shouldn't one be worn, which is more formal, do they have actual names, etc. Any information you can provide, I would greatly appreciate!
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