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So the state schools are essentially bank-rolled by the state (minus what they get from students for tuition etc) whereas land grant universities just get a bunch of land from the state, which then tells it to go on its merry way?
What exactly is the difference between these two? I am from Connecticut and we have four schools in our "state school" system: - Western Connecticut State University - Eastern Connecticut State University - Central Connecticut State University - Southern Connecticut State University Then, we have the University of Connecticut (which is home to the states most famous sports teams =/ ). I have never heard of UConn referred to as a "state school", so my question is...
Following in the vein of the egg thread, I'm curious as to what everyone thinks is a good amount of milk to drink. I love milk, I think it's delicious and drink it with every meal. I average about 1-2 gallons of 1% milk a week. Thoughts?
Oregon State competing for a spot in the Rose Bowl. Can't think of a Civil War with more on the line than this years!
The Widow by As Cities Burn Not the greatest song ever written, but the lyrics are very personal and intense. Not necessarily relate to it, but very powerful.
With the exception of Torres, Gerrard, and possibly Reina, the Liverpool squad is full of dross. Need to completely overhaul the squad, and get in a new manager. The problem is the owners don't have lots of cash to spend, if you fire Benitez you're going to be paying him off for a while, and what manager are you going to bring in to right the ship? They've been a disgrace so far this season and I wouldn't be surprised to see them drop out of the Top 4.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Shame Ibra is injured. So horrendously overrated, it makes me cringe. Barcelona were taken for an absolute ride paying however many millions for him as they did, along with giving up one of the most prolific scorers in European football in Samuel Eto'o. P.S. It's too early to be making Henry handball jokes. Four years wasted for the Republic, who were the much better team throughout qualifying and...
I like/use LaCoste Red in the Spring/Summer months, but it's a little too light to use during the dead of winter.
Just print that out and bring it to whoever does your hair. That's the best way to get the results you want. Though, it may not be possible depending on what kind of hair you have etc.
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