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Quote: Originally Posted by Threak ^^^Post pictures. We have resident experts who could examine its vascularity and give a proper diagnosis. I'm all set for now, but maybe next time.
Quote: Originally Posted by TintoTerra I'm afraid you've snapped your 'banjo string'. Calling a doctor might be a better decision at this point than consulting a fashion forum. Fashion forum members are notorious for knowing everything, so I think it was a solid decision.
That's not even a joke title... So the other night I was getting intimate with a lady friend (or at least trying to). She is very inexperienced, has a small/tight vagina (asian). I was having trouble achieving any sort of penetration, and there was no lube to be found anywhere. At one point, we tried having her get on top, but alas this was also a failure. At some point, my erect penis was forcefully pushed up against the skin of her crotch, and some bending occurred...
This or that? All that really comes to mind.
Saw David McCallum (of NCIS and Man From Uncle) in my local McDonald's about a year back, and just saw Timothy Hutton (of Leverage and Ordinary People) at the Gap where I work on Tuesday night.
Perhaps "wear to an interview" was a bit misleading/poorly stated. I didn't mean specifically an interview (so why did I say that? I don't know) but something that doesn't look out of place in a relatively casual setting nor in a slightly more formal setting (say, an adult christmas party, etc)
Quote: Originally Posted by FELT And you liked them so much you just had to name yourself after the company? Believe you've got the wrong topic...
What do you consider to be 'stylish sweatpants'? Imo, there is no such thing. Sweatpants are sweatpants, you wear them for warmth and comfort not style. I don't wear mine out unless I have practice later in the day or am going to work out. Just my .02
Ok, so a little background. I dress pretty casually, and I work at the Gap so it's a pretty relaxed atmosphere/dress code. I like to wear jeans and occasionally dress pants or khaki's, generally with button downs, t-shirts, etc. Even though I know it's not a "rule" that you can't wear black shoes/belt with light colored khaki's, I am personally not a fan of it. Therefore, I would like to purchase my first pair of brown shoes. I'm want them to be casual enough that I could...
I can sleep in complete silence, but I prefer the sound of music or a book on tape. I absolutely cannot sleep with the television on though, it's extremely obnoxious.
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