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He is a horrific dresser. He wears Hawaiian shirts at least five days of the week.
Thoughts on this coat? Yay or nay? It's $88 but would get half off as I am an employee. Thanks!
What are your feelings on shirts that are intentionally wrinkled? I feel like this most happens with more casual button-downs, and I'm personally on the fence about it. On the one hand, I don't necessarily want a relaxed, casual shirt to look like it's been board-ironed and starched. On the other hand, wrinkles generally make you look sloppy and are much more likely to take away from your outfit, rather than add to it. Your take?
Good news, my rock johnson seems to be back in working order. The symptoms I previously detailed don't seem to be affecting me any longer. I'm going to bring him along slowly though, and am still considering going to the doctor, just in case.
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 Two things: 1. The gf not liking the monkstrap is a good thing - women have generally horrible taste; 2. both single and double monks rock. FTFY
So, it's winter time, and like every year I continue to get dry skin. Hands are easy enough to take care of with moisturizer, but what do you folks recommend for a face moisturizer, and a body moisturizer? I'm not willing to use petroleum jelly, and I don't want anything too expensive, but I DO want to fight off this dry, itchy skin. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by JeffsWood I love that right after Christmas dinner you get the "i broke my junk" post on SF. KY my friend Understand the need for a little lubrication, but I don't think you understand what I was dealing with in this situation.
Just get whatever you think is most comfortable. I'm also in the market for a new bed.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth dick sprain. Takes about 3 to 6 weeks to recover with right medical attention. See a doctor as early as possible. If untreated, you might have ED. No joke, this is serious. Edit: Do not look for an Asian doctor or nurse. Next time, look for white Ho's. Planning on seeing the doctor as soon as possible. Should I refrain from any further sexual activity?
Quote: Originally Posted by Threak ^^^Post pictures. We have resident experts who could examine its vascularity and give a proper diagnosis. I'm all set for now, but maybe next time.
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