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Quote: Originally Posted by iVoRy Nasri's on fire this week glad to have him in my team :P Not only did he score two goals, but WOW the goals he scored. Absolutely incredible. Absolutely. Brilliant. And I hate Arsenal and French players in general.
Thanks for the code.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reevolving $60 $19 $70 $137 $206 /thread
Quote: Originally Posted by Benzito That's funny that you mention badminton as the Asian sports fetish (totally true, BTW). Just judging from the NCAA and NFL, I think more than a handful of black kids play football, too. He said when he was growing up. He's probably old. lol
Thoughts on this blazer? I can get it for a good price and would wear with jeans or khakis, mostly for going out or semi-formal occasions.
Quote: Originally Posted by Another New Yorker I have a demonoid account but how to generate invites? Excellent question my friend, but one I cannot answer. Anyone?
Russia and Qatar may have prepared great bids, and this is indicative of a high level of commitment which FIFA is obviously looking for. That being said the bid "process" for the '18 and '22 World Cups were a fucking farce. The World Cup needs to be about two things. 1) The sport 2) The fans 3) Money The World Cup needs to be hosted in an environment where the teams can play in safety, where the game is reasonably popular, and ideally where it will help to make...
Can I get an invite code please?
Quote: Originally Posted by cchen yes, its definitely possible, but i believe its much more expensive Let's say a regular flight both ways is $600. What's "more expensive," ballpark?
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