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Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 DBSS bracelet... Looking forward to hearing all the flames about how men should not wear non-functional accessories. Perhaps I should just get that J. Crew Timex watch instead. I really like this. Where can I get this or something similar, and how much do they run? Thanks!
"Denatured alcohol is not, in itself, a preferred product "” that is, it is not something which would be normally demanded if given the alternative of normal ethanol. Denatured alcohol and its manufacture are a public policy compromise. The supply and demand for denatured alcohol arises from the fact that normal alcohol (specifically ethanol, suitable for human consumption as a drink) is usually very expensive compared to similar chemicals, being highly taxed for revenue...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May He couldn't have said it much clearer... the bottom of the jacket overlaps too far when it's buttoned up. It looks odd. It may be a problem with the cut of the jacket or the photo, though. I think this may be because only the top button is buttoned?
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser The front half of the jacket shouldn't overlap the bottom half as far as your photo shows. This jacket doesn't fit you in the body. What do you mean? Like I said, I'm very new to this, so I'm not sure exactly how things should look/fit and what kind of problems to look for. Thanks!
H&M Jacket ($130) I'm still learning so forgive my ignorance, but is this considered a blazer or a sportcoat? Also, how is the fit, and what do you think of the jacket? How does is look with that shirt? I know the pics are poor quality, I took them on my camera phone so I could get some advice. Thanks! (Ignore the fact that it's the same color as my jeans, I wasn't planning on trying on clothes today).
Could you take some more pics of the Arnette watch? Thanks.
- The Maltese Falcon - Casablanca - The Big Sleep Clearly I'm a big fan of Bogey.
FIFA 10 for the win!
Where in CT do you live?
Quote: Originally Posted by greatwork haha - i live in omaha and go to school in lincoln, so it really isn't farmville here. also - we have actually seen blazers before, ArteEtLabore14, i saw one the other day as i rode my cow to the blacksmith. in regards to the navy blazer - i will check it out. idfnl - thanks for the info on the sweater/vests/cardigans. i have the light blue shirt and the white as well. what do you think about narrow ties? i...
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