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Quote: Originally Posted by smruss Well, it depends on your preferance, do you want it to be fitted, or to be a litlle loose? I would take the cuffs up a tad and also take in the sides. Length is good, unfortunately thae pants are hard to tell, but they appear somewhat baggy. This is very similar to how my first suit fit me. I want it to be fitted. This is the style I prefer, and due to my body type (tall and skinny) I believe this is also...
Quote: Originally Posted by ferguscan Your photos suck unfortunately. The only things I can tell are that the sleeves and trouser-legs are too long. Haha yeah they do, unfortunately. How much do you think needs to come off each?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley The jacket is the wrong size. Too big in the shoulders, and too long. Is this an L? Because you're not an L. It's a 38L. I'm 6'0", 6'1" but I have a pretty long torso. You think I'm a 38R? Or go down to 36R?
Quote: Originally Posted by Big Punisher ^^Groteseque. This.
I'm 21 years old and this is the first suit that I ever purchased. It was for my cousins wedding. Now being on SF for a bit I understand that a good number of people are against owning/wearing a black suit, but it's versatile and I'd like to have it fit as well as possible and look its best. I'm not financially in a place where I can afford to buy another suit, nor do I really need one. (Please forgive my paint skills, they are equivalent to those of a 4 year...
My first WAYWT.... H&M Cardigan (Medium) Gap Basic Tee (Medium) Gap Low Rise Straight Fit Jeans (30x32) Converse All Stars, Low Rise Thanks for any feedback!
I'm wearing a grey cardigan, yellow shirt underneath, with dark blue jeans. Brown belt? Black belt? No belt? Thanks!
What color belt could/should I wear with white shoes? Low-top Converse All Stars, to be specific. Thanks!
It most likely will not be worth it to have those H&M shirts tailored. They cost what, $20 or $30 dollars? At the most? The effort required to have these tailored will cost more than each of the shirts is worth, I believe.
Isn't $85 the price for brand new Desert Boots? Also, can get free overnight shipping on these from www.endless.com Also, 30% bing cashback...
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