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PS3. Only advantage of the XBox is cheaper cost and better online set-up (albeit, one you have to pay for).
Jared Leto. Keanu Reeves. Russell Crowe. All wonderful singers. +1 for spam.
Rocky Votolato.
Rams on the clock. Hope they trade down for several picks, snag a good QB (not Tebow) and a WR, then work on the defense.
Anything by James A. Michener. Centennial and Chesapeake are my personal favorites.
Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Japanese were against us in WW2. Never forget. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by AThingForCashmere Impossible to say without a photo, but for every 10 guys who think they look better with facial hair, 9 don't. Both of these things.
I am part of an Xpert Eleven league (www.xpertelven.com) that is currently looking for some new managers. It is an online football manager game, similar to Football Manager but with fictional teams that you create, name, design their uniforms, and develop and deploy their players. It's quite fun and our league has been going strongly for 7 seasons. We're looking for some new blood to freshen things up and increase the size of the league. We currently have 12 teams and...
This is officially my favorite thread on the forum. MORE PICS though! Seriously people, if you snag something good, really brag about it with some pics!
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