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I get much better prices in Mexico.
Quote: Originally Posted by xpress I currently own an 04 RX8... just hit 50,000km's (like 35k miles or something) **Also for sale!** I also own an 09 BMW 128i, and the girlfriend drives an 08 GTI, so I have some close competition for comparisons sake. The faults of the RX8 are as follows: 1) Its thirsty... Gas mileage is lackluster... 2) The Renesis motors are prone to failure, so make sure you have warranty 3)It lacks torque However, 1)It is...
Quote: Originally Posted by chrisjustinparr Have you considered a Z coupe or an S2000? To be honest, I kind of have my heart set on the RX-8. Never driven one, but I've always loved the look of it and now I finally have the cash to get a decent ride, I'm leaning hard towards this. Test drive/finding a good one to purchase pending, of course.
She's sexy in that video though, in a slutty high-out-of-my-mind type of way, you have to admit.
What are your thoughts on this vehicle? Anyone on here own one? I'm looking into purchasing a 2004 model, probably the 6-speed manual. Just in the 'researching' stage now, but looks like I'll be ponying up $10k for it. Just curious to see how everyone else feels about them. For those of you who may not be familiar with the vehicle, here's a pic...
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung The third generation model has no controls on the unit, just on the headphones. So there is no way to advance songs with third-party headphones. Ahh, did not know this. That is quite unfortunate for the OP.
Percision is hard to come by these days.
You can use any headphones with the shuffle, just has to have the right input (I have one, and don't use Apple headphones). I use wrap-around ones, so they stay on my ears. Also, just clip it to your shorts.
In no particular order... - The Get Up Kids - The Smiths - Something Corporate - Rocky Votolato - The Rocket Summer
PS3. Only advantage of the XBox is cheaper cost and better online set-up (albeit, one you have to pay for).
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