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Wouldn't be surprised to see Avram Grant get the sack and Big Sam go to West Ham. He's an expert at rescuing teams from the drop. As for Blackburn... silly move. Unless they get one of the Martins in it's a step backward.
Very 'meh' week for me. Especially after Blackburn's head-scratching loss to Bolton *sigh*. Still in 2nd at least.
Even if you confirm balance at the store there's no guarantee he doesn't have the info necessary to purchase stuff online.
Quote: Originally Posted by phreak yea ok way to just completely ignore what i wrote Oh I read what you wrote it just happens to be irrelevant. His four interceptions and two "bad throws" lost the game for the Colts. End of story.
Quote: Originally Posted by phreak Manning hasn't been at his best the past few games, but yesterday's game against the Cowboys he did just fine. All of his mistakes went for interceptions. The Colts had 40 yards on 17 carries, and 11 of the yards came from an end-around by a receiver. They had a long field all game cuz their special teams are terrible. And their defense still gave up ~5 ypc and lots of long drives. Manning in contrast with the...
Oh, and for those who are interested there is a new 10-minute, behind-the-scenes video over at the Game of Thrones website and the series looks great. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was in an erect state for the duration of the video, and some time after.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cotillion Casting a Hawaiian as Drogo is great choice IMO but I don't much about this particular actor. They certainly could have done worse, and I'm sure Momoa will be fine. Just from GRRM's descriptions and the image in my head I'm seeing Native American not Hawaiian.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire So April is the due date. What does everything think of the casting that they've seen so far? How do you think they'll deal with certain plot threads? Link? Mark Addy as Robert Baratheon will be interesting. As will Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister. Sean Bean plays a common soldier better than a king I think, but he'll still be alright (plus I'm a big fan so I'll do my best to forgive any...
Rams, baby.
Lots of new stuff coming out for Christmas and lots of stuff that came out earlier that I haven't gotten yet. Some stuff I know I'm asking for/getting is the Inception triple pack and Season 1 of The League and Community. I've also heard good things about Kanye's new album but I'll probably skip that. Doing research on TVs so I might end up buying myself a 42"-50" plasma So what entertainment stuff are you asking for this Christmas? Or getting for yourself or for...
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