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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo What the fuck are you talking about? Not all of us have finished watching Rome, but if you're unclear to whom I was speaking, it wasn't you.
Anyone have a torrent link? Can't find any English versions on Pirate Bay.
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod Huh? The series ended when the protagonist died. Hey dickhead, spoiler alert?
Que Sera, Sera
Gosford Park was a pretty good movie. The Sharpe and Hornblower series are both excellent (Sharpe is better though), but fashion doesn't really play an important part in those.
Quote: Originally Posted by BC2012 Crappier for sure. The vamp lead looks like he's right out of Twilight. "George" looks much less goofy than the character calls for. And the Nina character looks annoying as hell. Oh and the lack of cursing, violence, and nudity that plays in so well on the BBC version will be lost. Replaced with crappy SyFy effects. I'm not sure Being Human could even be a successful port with the best actors and greater leeway...
I won!
Quote: Originally Posted by BC2012 I'll take a look, too. I'm finishing up Season 2 of Being Human and just finished Season 2 of Misfits. BBC shows are superior to most American shows not only because of the dry wit but the lessened censorship allows for more freedom. Did you hear they're remaking Being Human for US television? Looks like everything is going to be exactly the same, but worse.
Quote: Originally Posted by 4Mica How can you call the original "rote fantasy crap"? Maybe everything that followed is "rote fantasy crap" but the the original is the original. Just because something comes first doesn't mean it's good.
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal Lots of development but no resolution or conclusion, and I don't just mean ending the series. Martin just keeps piling crap on but it does not really connect in any meaningful way. He has a good idea of the overarching idea of the world but in many ways the pieces don't really connect. That and he just keeps adding characters and concepts. It's also written like a bodice ripper. One thing that makes LoTR a great...
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