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Refugees can go back to syria as well. Even ex fighters in the opposition are grnated amnesty and reconciliations happened in many cities. There are many areas of syria with no major fighting at all.
So when does the media campaign to paint jabhat nusra as the good guys start
Hahah. Theres another one saying that in turkey the people hit the street after two hours to bring back their president. In lebanon the people waited two years without a president then hit the streets to catch pokemons. Something like that
Lol thousands of judges removed already the next day after the coup. A coup which makes 0 sense in terms of actions taken. Conspiracy theories always make more sense in the middle east.
Im surprised a military coup didnt happen years earlier. This has come too late and apparently way too weak. Erdogan will use this to push his new constitution again and may end up the biggest beneficiary from this.
After stoping and hesistating several times due to russia usa truces, hezballah and syrian army are on their way to cutting of aleppos terrorists supplies line from turkey. If successful and pushed through this will be a key moment.
6 or 7 suicide bombers attacked a christian border town today... 5 dead so far. They wait until crowds gather to help wounded then struck again in waves. Then again at night. Thanks NATO
Those two royals must be in the pro-Naef or anti-Selman camp. Ben Salman has put his hands into everything and is raking in billions for his appointees and himself. Problem is, theres no "good guy" in Saudi Arabia. The only organized voices other than the regime there are even more radical islamists that complain Saudi Arabia isnt radical enough. Ben Salman is rumoured to take some moves to diminish some Wahhabi influence to present himself to the West as as useful...
The states have hampered Syria and Russias advancement in Aleppo and elsewhere for a year now, waiting to artificially create some kind of force that can be their proxy. Basically the arabs and the west and turkey supported Nusra and Isis which took lands from shiites and Assad, and now they want to wait before slaying the fat goose until they have someone that can reap the benefits from it. Aleppo wouldve been freed by now but the americans halted it. The issue isnt...
It seems to me that american elections are 99.99% media and therefore money.Its funny how quick wit in debates counts for so much. Or if some candidate makes some silly mistake (trump excludeD) he immediately tanks in the polls, or if they focus on some silly scandal, etc....
New Posts  All Forums: