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You misunderstood who my last sentence was referring to
The EU and Nato seem to be rewarding them lately
Oh i wasnt doubting their ability. Just their willingness
Yeah havent u seen what all that american firepower has been doing to isis? Oh wait
I wonder how many westerners would be willing to trade places with arabs as far as having what they sent to their countries being sent to theirs and vice versa. Those guys are allowed to whine and cry
^^^ that was a few monthes ago if i recall correctly. It precedes the russian involvement i think
^ first guy basically is saying why are islamists defending secular Turkey on the basis that its fighting the Russians, yet they dont defend ISIS when its fighting against the russians and shiites and etc... Second guy tells him hes an asshole who is inciting for division
I agree that this isnt the strategy, but in the face of russian rise in Syria, the other side had two choices Either retaliate or speed up a settlement, which the saudis and the us and others still seem reluctant to do when their position is weakened. What i ment was that this incident is the other side retaliating to russia using jts force in syria and imposing its will. Keep in mind that this incident has been preceded with more and more turkmen entering from turkey...
What? The things ive said that the US does arent denied by anyone afaik If you mean i ment the US will attack Russia or Iran, i didnt. They will continue wrestling in Syria. Of course the US cares. Any increase in russian influence here comes at the expense of the US. And vice versa
Right. So the US has the CIA funding rebels and training them in Turkey and Jordan, contributes through advisors in joint operation rooms with Turkey, sends TOWs to rebels through Turkey, and coordinates political positions on Syria with Turkey. Yet when it comes to how they should deal with the involvment of the biggest side so far in Syria which was tipping the scale against their side that theyve backed for years, Nope they dont tlak about it. Absolutely no...
New Posts  All Forums: