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18 percent per month? And i was happy about my annual 6 percent
Thats a good one and perfectly illustrates what i think of saudi arabia and isis and all that crap, especially the point about defeating isis and it will resurface under a new name because saudi will keep pumping out their filth.
When they say the architects "proposed", does it mean they just presented a concept design and theres a very high chance noone took them up on it?
There was talk a while back that the Chinese have sent advisors (it always starts with advisors) to Iraq.The Chinese and Russians worry a lot about their own muslim communities. Any Islamic State that is allowed to breathe will create a mountain of headaches for them back home.Also they might want to start some target practice, or establish some presence here. But yes it would probably only come within some arrangement that the gulf arabs have signed up on
This is very true. This is treating the symptoms and not the illness.ALqaeda was relatively defeated in afghanistan, popped up in iraq.Defeated in iraq, popped up in syria.In libya, in etc...The root of the takfiri problem is the saudi ideology and gulf funding. And the western machiavellan (sp?) use of it when it suits their interests.Until that is tackled, this is nothing but postponing the problem
Haha theres a lot of Lebanese sunnis in Syria and elsewhere running stuff for these groups. At least he was the leader The army has done a decent job here so far containing them. Every day a new cell is busted. However given that for example we have Hezballah here, and Syria next door, overall the sunni community here has been relatively resistant to getting carried away with takfiri groups and they remain isolated.Btw these cells are sure to have been known by the...
The french are dickheads and so are the immigrants who go there and want everything their way. Just respect the country thats taking you in for fucks sake. Its not like yours did any better. A hijab on a 13 year old isnt freedom anyway, its her asshole father telling her what to do. What they should have a problem with is the french support and alliance with those who financed their terrorists, though
Qatar and Turkey notoriously supported Nusra. Isis was a combo of many countries' support.And there was even almost public appeals by Qatar to Nusta to break away from alqaeda but not to receive qatar support which it was, but to become US approved and receive unlimited US help and become the efficient arm that the FSA simply never was.
The so-called war on terror is nearly 13 years old, but which rational human being will be cheering its success? We’ve had crackdowns on civil liberties across the world, tabloid-fanned generalisations about Muslims and, of course, military interventions whose consequences have ranged from the disastrous to the catastrophic. And where have we ended up? Wars that Britons believe have made them less safe; jihadists too extreme even for al-Qaida’s tastes running amok in Iraq...
Will check it out.Perhaps Lebanon is a special case because the sunni community here hasnt been a very welcoming place for the radicals and they havent managed to expand much. Most of their recruits here come from extreme poverty.
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