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Merkel and Hollande would probably help him decorate
Hafez assad did the same in lebanon in the 70s. He facilitated the arming of palestinians here and when hell broke loose hes the one who sent his army to crack them down. And he got lebanon in return. You create a problem that cant be solved without u and you get what you want for it. This way of thinking is conspiracy theories for u guys but this is just another day here. Acfually the entire history of europe was like that too.
You guys dont know how our countries are. In lebanon theyvpretty much know almost every terrorist by name and place. The beirut suicide bombers were smuggled from syria. Whats lacking is the will. The sunni cover by saudi arabia and qatar is needed for every crackdown. Or theyre in the palestinian or syrian refugee camps and they judge its better to observe them than to risk mayhem. When turkey wants to shut down isis they will. They know all its networks there and all...
The russians have said that erdogans family and many officials are directly implicated. If were gonna wait for obama to announce it then its another issue
Its pretty much as fact as anyone can prove in politics. Not sure how much proof youcan get when all the weapons, money and fifhters go through there withot any effort to stop them. Russia has shown tons of satellite photos and the opposition in turkey mentioned many times and journalists were jailed there when they talked about it. Some cops were even jailed because they dared search a weapons truck (cant remember if it was going to nusra or isis)
If turkey closes its border isis is dead within monthes
And visa free travel for turks apparently
You misunderstood who my last sentence was referring to
The EU and Nato seem to be rewarding them lately
Oh i wasnt doubting their ability. Just their willingness
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