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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero fyp. Woops. Ty
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I dont dislike her like others. I get the sense that she knows shes a bit of a mess and doesnt pretend to be any better.
I have just discovered immortal technique. That guy has sick skills.
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD its invisible. and my phone works fine now. free bumper too if i want one. it doesn't suck to own this fone. Yeah but even if it doesnt show itd piss me off and make me feel my new purchase is junk lol. Just a psychological thing i guess
Quote: Originally Posted by LawrenceMD The $0.001 DIY iPhone 4 Antenna Fix BY KIT EATONFri Jun 25, 2010 http://www.fastcompany.com/1663768/iphone-4-antenna-fix this is basically what i did after the first week of owning it. it works. Doesnt it suck though to apply tape to what is supposed to be a brand new phone
Some rich arab gulf countries have been bringing in washed up stars for years now and it had little effect on improving the overall standards of football. If the MLS teams think these players are better as far as football goes than the others, then by all means go get them. But to hope itll by itself elevate the standards or popularity is misguided imo. Theyll need to produce better young players, start competing at higher levels internationally, etc... Sucks...
I pretty much fell in love with this watch. Any comments/opinions about it? Its not a very dressy watch is it? Its a bit over my budget but its just about the only material thing id like to have at this time lol. Also, does anyone know approximately what price point itd be at an AD? Grey market has it at about 16k but ive heard that people have gotten 25-30% off at AD which would make it around the same price range. Dont have an AD close by that has it so id probably...
i dont think the bflying kick was intentional tbh. It still deserves a red regardless though as its pretty reckless and borderline lunatic. Theres no way he ment to do it, he gets a red there 99.99999% of the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I just woke up at 3am to watch the game here. The Oranje have been looking better in every game since their first. This may be the height of their form. I would love to see a Dutch WC victory. Hup Holland! Historically i guess both countries deserve a win. Were the dutch impressive in their 1st round games? I only watched the Brazil game and i dont think it was a good game by Holland at all....
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