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What? The things ive said that the US does arent denied by anyone afaik If you mean i ment the US will attack Russia or Iran, i didnt. They will continue wrestling in Syria. Of course the US cares. Any increase in russian influence here comes at the expense of the US. And vice versa
Right. So the US has the CIA funding rebels and training them in Turkey and Jordan, contributes through advisors in joint operation rooms with Turkey, sends TOWs to rebels through Turkey, and coordinates political positions on Syria with Turkey. Yet when it comes to how they should deal with the involvment of the biggest side so far in Syria which was tipping the scale against their side that theyve backed for years, Nope they dont tlak about it. Absolutely no...
Why do you call it a conspiracy theory shah. This isnt some dark room stuff. Iran is allied with Russia on Syria and Turkey and saudi with the US. This is the fact. Just like iran and hezballah and assad coordinate their actions, so do the others. Isnt it more naive to think that turkey would take the decision to escalate against russia without the backing of its allies? The US ends up inplicated in everything and all americans act as if they dont do anything.
Pretty sure the strategy about Syria is discussed and agreed upon. This is the same as Lebanons war. Fighting by proxies and directly. The Russia Iran axis was making serious gains and everyday the turkey gulf US alliance was losing ground and initiative. The reply was bound to come and it will come from Turkey. The big fight was always US and Russia and Iran Turkey islamists etc... Have their regional interests rhat align with either. This is the middle east
No way Turkey does this without US pre approval or order. Turkey is the US proxy to tame Russias rise in the region Expect turkey to pump more turkmen into syria and to work more towards their nofly zone soon
And the truth comes out. Russia and the syrian army are/were basically on track to win the war in Syria and/or impose a positive deal for them. Turkey (which didnt care that its border was open for years to terrorists) shoots down a russian jet who barely was inside and immediately calls for NATO... This is a calculated move to derail the fight that Russia was winning
^ Some reports were that a Turkish F16 shot it down, which may be what he ment. Others reported it was ground fire.
It was very good everywhere to be honest.It was a very different case i guess than now.1- Maybe the image of arabs wasnt as bad as it is now.2- There was no sudden mass influx of refugees. Most those who left simply went through the regular channels of applying for visas/work/school. The civil war here was sporadic both in terms of timing and location (lots of periods of relative calm and lots of areas that were left untouched)3- The lebanese were always emigrating before...
Because its done in the name of islam i guess. Plus islamists have a thing against arab nationalism anyway
Btw a lot of arab christians name their sons jihad as well. I know several christians jihads. Especially with the habit of naming a son like his grandfather which helps keep some of those names around.
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