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The qatar and saudi wahhabi ways are very different and often at odds with eachother. Qatars ruling family along with erdogan are strongly muslimmbrotherhood leaning which saudi arabia views as a threat to its rule.In general qatar and turkey encouraged the arab spring and wanted to steer it into their MB islamist lap while saudi arabia is scared of it.Only place where theyre semi coordinating is syria
Theyre probably the two closest countries in the middle east in terms of ideology and actual strategy. It is surprising though to see a gulf country lift any visa restriction. The military base is a huge step thats bound to make saudis paranoid, somehow i doubt it but you never know.
The shah such things cant be from elements of the regime without the leadership approval. You dont send tons of weapons and 1000s of fighters and buy tons of oil through a few corrupt officers or politicians. Turkey does this because its has western cover in keeping isis strong enough to resist but not strong enough to pose a threat to gulf regimes until they get the right price or alternative that suits them. If you listen to what all that axis says, its clear that...
What is the theory of those who doubt what russia is saying? Isis is smuggling weapons and 1000s of fighters and oil convoys without anyone catching them? I highly doubt anyone reasonable would think that. If you think it turns a blind eye, does a state/army really turn a blind eye to militants with weapons in its borders like that? And are we supposed to believe that the state turns a blind eye to oil convoys and just lets whoever is buyijg make a profit out of them,...
Its a press conference by the russian defense forces. Its not a report created by RT
Well in the wars between jihadists and russians, both Nato and the EU have always sided with the first. Theyre probably very pleased with the role Turkey played so far there.
Briefing by Russians on Turkish aid and trading of oil with terrorists. Couldnt find the whole video in english. Turkey’s leadership, including President Erdogan and his family, is involved in illegal oil trade with Islamic State militants, says the Russian Defense Ministry, stressing that Turkey is the final destination for oil smuggled from Syria and Iraq. The Russian Defense Ministry held a major briefing on new findings concerning IS funding in Moscow on...
I often said those radicals will only begin to be eradicated once saudi arabia and qatar are stopped.However in their current form and degree of control over territory, yes they will be finished in a very reasonable timeframe if theres any serious effort to stop the constant flow of weapons and new jihadists.
NATO doesnt mind. Its members all support the anti-assad camp which would be non existent without what Turkey did. Even now if turkey stops the flow, russia+ assad finish this in a year.
And isis spreading in Libya. libya which the west that whines about refugees bombed and then just walked away... Then theyll whine if they see a libyan in their local train station
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