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I once got special eyeglasses for sports (the king oldschool NBA players wore) and they fogged like crazy. I wear lenses now and i sweat like a pig but they dont bother me much?
Ive been to vegas a few times but never on NYE. DOnt buy tickets online imo, first theyre not always legit, second sometimes theyre more expensive than admission fees, and youd still have to wait in line for hours with them anyway. Clusb sometimes distribute those passes for free, check with your hotel. EIther go wait in line or reserve a table if youre willing to spend the money. Id imagine NYE would be bad for that, so maybe do the clubs thing another night. Id...
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 Tom Hardy stole the show and his character Hed make a great James Bond i thought
I enjoyed the movie a lot while i was watching it but i agree that it wasnt anything THAT special. I did like dicaprio's performance. I thought the first half was great but then it died down. The 2nd and 3rd level of the dreams seem less and less well made as the movie goes, and the whole Mal thing that was intriguing at first gets laid out too explicitly and too predictable, and i didnt like the ending since thats the 1st ending you think of the moment he...
Inverted pushups are cool
I dont like the A7. Its neither sleek nor sporty nor elegant. In other news, the Panamera has grown on me.
Quote: Originally Posted by freshcutgrass You can't be serious????????? Have people become so bored with every activity now, that it requires listening to music while doing it? Are we listening to our MP3 players while fuking too? ????? SO wanting to listen to some music when you have your head down staring at the bottom of a pool for ah hour or two everyday is supposed to be some bad generational thing now? Yes. I get bored...
This is considered as a replacement for which phone in their current lineup?
When was up in the air released That was a nice movie
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Goodfellas was celebrated by critics but Casino not because of derrogatory remarks against a Jewish character in the film. That is the way it was treated in Canada anyway. Casino just wasn't promoted at the same level as Goodfellas was. Perhaps in the USA it was received better? Ask people yourself. Mention Goodfellas. Almost everyone saw it. Ask them about Casino and few, if any remember this film. That's been...
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