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Saudi executed a leading shiite political opponent and just broke diplomatic ties with iran after protesters stormed its embassy. Lots of tension and very aggressive speeches throughout the middle east
100%.The weapons go through Turkey.The fighters pass through Turkey.The political support for anti-assad camp comes from Turkey.Oil goes to Turkey.Money comes and goes through Turkey.Yet its somehow a ridiculous conspiracy theory to say Turkey had anything to do with anything.I think this head in the sand approach to the role that Turkey and Saudi Arabia and Qatar have in islamic terrorism is the only thing thats ridiculous...
WHat?Where did i mention anything about Assad?
All three are not mutually exclusive. Was just referring to the view that Hersh would blame rebels for incidents as ridiculous, which it isnt.Shah its not ridiculous to blame Turkey either. I dont know etails or info about chemicals since its hard to get an unbiased source, but isis and nusra pretty much get their fighters, money, weapons, oil, political support, etc... from Turkey so is it really that ridiculous to include one more thing (not that it makes any difference...
As for Hersh blaming rebels for gas attacks, its common knowledge at this point http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-22424188 http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKCN0SU2PZ20151106
I was expecting Hersh was saying the US knew all along. But to say Pakistan knew is not far fetched at all. In fact i would say the opposite is. Anyone who has lived in the middle east will tell you its very hard that someone would live in a big house let alone a compound without authorities knowing who it is. In these regimes half the population are informants either directly or indirectly.
Zahran alloush reported killed by airstrike
How does black water have apaches and stuff btw. Where do they park them when theyre not used? You guys are party poopers btw
Well in my wet dreams saudi arabia would be left to fight for itself. I bet they cant shoot fish in a barrel even.
Lol lebanese foreign ministry just announced they have no knowledge about this. Turns out the saudis made a phone call 2 days ago the prime minister and he said yeah sure. It was just talk and there was no concrete proposals or discussions or anything and it didnt even go through any proper channels here. I kind of wish yemen doesnt end in a ceasefire and houthis somehow march in riyad....
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