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what are other good cigars sized like the Monte Cristo petit edmundo? that is the petite corona size right?
Venetian rooms > bellagio rooms Venetian poker room > bellagio poker room (unless you play >5-10 blinds) I liked the casino though, loved the fountain (i dont care how silly it is but i spent 2 hours first trip there waiting every 15 minutes for it) Loved the buffet but im not a very picky eater. 20$ trick worked for my friend, (he gave 40$ to make sure though), but be specific and ask imo. If you dont theyll give you a slight upgrade which will be most convenient for...
Would buy bulletproof version for regular version's price. But yes some people's comparisons are off since theyre not aware of import taxes. Here luxury cars are marked up 100% so in a similar situation in Korea this car would suddenly start looking pretty damn good.
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex I had edgar winning, I am almost sure that cecil peoples is the one that gave it to maynard. Edgar did a better job of defending himself than Brock against Carwin and even then not everyone gave that round 10-8 Carwin. Frankie's boxing was much better in the next 4 too. Dammit Brandon. Jiu-jitsu brown belt really? I don't think there's anyone who forgets a game plan faster. I think it was a draw. If it...
Ive read a few books about body language. Never consciously applied any of it though. Apparently if you put your hands in your pockets its a bit of an insecurity sign. They should be at your sides or just the thumbs in your front or back pockets. Or you can hold your hands together in the back.
Going to a three digit costing club party
Depends on how you two met. If it was a few minutes quick chat or club meet and then you got her number, i think a text in the same night or calling next day is a must. I usually text the same night if its someone i like. Waiting too long will cool off whatever spark or interest you two had. If its someone who already knew you existed or saw you around or that you spent a lot of time with when you met, you can get away with waiting a bit if you feel the...
Knowing Qatar, theyll do whatever it takes to make this work. Theyll end up with a few billion deficit even if that makes it work. I always thought theyre a favourite, the voting probably IS flawed but they have to be a favourite. I like the idea of the WORLD cup going to new places, and here youre talking about Qatar but that entails the whole arab/muslim/middle eastern world that will be hosting it for the first time. And it was a very impressive bid, only reason...
Very mediocre movie. Story sucked, acting wasnt much better, not well made (i usually like Stone), i pretty much hated it all. Only a noncorny ending couldve been ok and even that didnt happen.
This one just made me laugh But I refused the offer, 'cuz God sent me to strike With skills unused like fallopian tubes on a dyke
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