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The US would have been welcome to supply them with guided bombs ethan. Maybe the same ones theyre giving to saudis? In that war that the US supports in Yemen? But they were too busy smuggling weapons to terrorists via Jordan i guess. Youre subjecting Assad to standards that noone else in the world adheres to, not even the precious western democracies. And hes facing worse enemies than all.
Syrian army is kicking ass at the pace that they expected. Unless turkey and nato want to go rescue their friends soon, this isnt looking good for the terrorists If syria gets through this, the whole way in which its army and allies conducted this war would be mindvlowingly impressive.
Well there you go. Now all americans can believe it Israel's defence minister has accused Turkey of buying oil from the so-called Islamic State group, thereby funding the militants' activities. Speaking in Athens, Moshe Yaalon said IS had "enjoyed Turkish money for oil for a very, very long period of time". Turkey denies permitting IS smuggling, and the US recently rejected Russian allegations that Turkish government officials were in league the militants. IS has captured...
That swedish girl who got stabbed was originally a christian lebanese :s randomly met some people who know her yesterday and apparently she was coming here in two weeks...
Its just a fucked up family. Amazing how much individual character can influence lives of millions. Can never comprehend how a 100 times billionaire can remain so much obsessed with corruption and stealing even more billions. Dubai follows along with the saudi foreign policy (in a subtle diplomatic way) but that family at least bred a few level headed guys that built something. Al Saud has just been a source of filth for humanity from their beginning.
Turkey supporting an islamic tatar armed brigade in Ukraine facing Crimea....
Its interesting how much of the middle east problems and what some blame the US for, is simply a result and continuation of british policies. They really were shady bastards. They propped up al saud at some point, drew borders with the intent of weakening the states, for centuries in lebanon they supported druze against christians, plus the whole israel thing. Britain should be the great satan. America just inherited a job.
Maybe because in 300 Leonidas kicked their messenger into a hole
Apparently pakistan severed ties with Iran as well? Thats sort of big/unexpected. As for saudi arabia, well depending on how you view the world, its either the smartest thing the west has ever done or the worst. If you were to look at it in a very selfish greedy viewpoint, its been a great alliance for the United states. Sucks for the rest of us though. In the grand scheme of things, 911 is a detail ( as rude as that sounds)
The saudi regime needs the US protection to survive, the iranian one doesnt. Saudi Arabia also ensures that all oil money and political power does not touch Israel. Also occasionally can throw islamist radicals for the US to use. Whatever Dealings happen between Iran and the US, it will be because Iran has imposed itself by its own force as a necessity within that dealing. As far as allies, saudi arabia is a trusty dog. Unless the US sees that the al saud regime is...
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