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Going to a three digit costing club party
Depends on how you two met. If it was a few minutes quick chat or club meet and then you got her number, i think a text in the same night or calling next day is a must. I usually text the same night if its someone i like. Waiting too long will cool off whatever spark or interest you two had. If its someone who already knew you existed or saw you around or that you spent a lot of time with when you met, you can get away with waiting a bit if you feel the...
Knowing Qatar, theyll do whatever it takes to make this work. Theyll end up with a few billion deficit even if that makes it work. I always thought theyre a favourite, the voting probably IS flawed but they have to be a favourite. I like the idea of the WORLD cup going to new places, and here youre talking about Qatar but that entails the whole arab/muslim/middle eastern world that will be hosting it for the first time. And it was a very impressive bid, only reason...
Very mediocre movie. Story sucked, acting wasnt much better, not well made (i usually like Stone), i pretty much hated it all. Only a noncorny ending couldve been ok and even that didnt happen.
This one just made me laugh But I refused the offer, 'cuz God sent me to strike With skills unused like fallopian tubes on a dyke
Lay flat under a bar, facing up, grab it and pull your upper body up. Its a great exercise PLus there are several variations for pullups, look them up. Hyperextensions for lower back.
WHats a good Alden boot (if any) thatd be mostly worn with jeans and leather jackets. Both black and darkish brown options? Oh and no cap toes or wingtips? Cant get myself to wear any.
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...l?mod=yahoo_RE LOve this house. WHats this style called? any other examples like that (im sure theres tons but still) Will this look dated in years for example?
Get the GL
Received some Tom Ford sunglasses as a gift, theyre white and plastic (i assume) Been wearing them to the beach mostly, anyway the area that goes behind the ears is now stained, i dont know if its the heat but i suspect its the case, its a dark navy and i think its rubbing off on it or something when i put them in their case because its only that area and its the one that mostly gets contact with the bottom of the case. But how dyou clean the stains? Theyre a...
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