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Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan FTFY Not really if anyone started a whole thread just for a single joke that targets a group id find it a bit meh
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I can see how that could be funny, if told well. Sorta like the hispanic Jesus jokes - like this Hayes Carll song: Imagine the same joke about a black person, wouldve raised outrage (although most of it probably fake). I wouldnt mind either personnally, im all for free speech and jokes, as long as someone can take what he dishes out.
I dont think its the joke itself, rather opening a whole thread dedicated to it...
He may not be an idiot nor a racist, he just makes tons of money saying the stupidest most ridiculous things to people that are both.
WHats a good Alden boot (if any) thatd be mostly worn with jeans and leather jackets. Both black and darkish brown options? Oh and no cap toes or wingtips? Cant get myself to wear any.
http://online.wsj.com/article/SB1000...l?mod=yahoo_RE LOve this house. WHats this style called? any other examples like that (im sure theres tons but still) Will this look dated in years for example?
Get the GL
Received some Tom Ford sunglasses as a gift, theyre white and plastic (i assume) Been wearing them to the beach mostly, anyway the area that goes behind the ears is now stained, i dont know if its the heat but i suspect its the case, its a dark navy and i think its rubbing off on it or something when i put them in their case because its only that area and its the one that mostly gets contact with the bottom of the case. But how dyou clean the stains? Theyre a...
Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah is CE it is! fran's solution, i assume, is to not hire any man or woman of mideastern or muslim background because of presumable links to such organizations. what if a christian charity is just a front for a muslim charity whos just a front for a terrorist group? zomg
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I guess you two guys don't see the potential for funding terror groups? Did you two read the article? The potential being that money is given to charities who are "often fronts for terrorism"? So did the article find a charity to which money was given and was linked to terrorism? Or are all islamic charities by default terrorist? Saying that SCF is compliant with Shari3a then jumping from that to saying...
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