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A bad enough fate for Assange: be a civilian in a country the US invades?
Very mediocre movie. Story sucked, acting wasnt much better, not well made (i usually like Stone), i pretty much hated it all. Only a noncorny ending couldve been ok and even that didnt happen.
If he ment how Fox handles the news, then im not sure anyone can argue with that. If he ment the republican policies, euh, isnt he from the rival party and by default would consider policies diammetrically opposed to his as destructive? Dont many republicans see his policies as destructive and thats why they oppose them? Dont see whats shocking about this
Youre all missing the point of the thread, which is that black people remain thugs even when theyre rich and successful.
Lots of european countries dont have Hamas on their terrorist lists, maybe they shouldnt be allowed to have embassies. Lots (ok, few) of americans that have organisations dont think it is. Whether or not Hamas is a terrorist organisation is a matter of opinion for people, and a matter of foreign policy and interests for the state. I dont think the law demands that people share its opinions nor the policies of the state. Would be a sad country if it did. That...
This one just made me laugh But I refused the offer, 'cuz God sent me to strike With skills unused like fallopian tubes on a dyke
Lay flat under a bar, facing up, grab it and pull your upper body up. Its a great exercise PLus there are several variations for pullups, look them up. Hyperextensions for lower back.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan FTFY Not really if anyone started a whole thread just for a single joke that targets a group id find it a bit meh
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I can see how that could be funny, if told well. Sorta like the hispanic Jesus jokes - like this Hayes Carll song: Imagine the same joke about a black person, wouldve raised outrage (although most of it probably fake). I wouldnt mind either personnally, im all for free speech and jokes, as long as someone can take what he dishes out.
I dont think its the joke itself, rather opening a whole thread dedicated to it...
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