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I think the US has made a mess out of being the sole superpower in the world. Other countries wont overtake it or destroy it, but in various places regimes will come up that are resistant or opponents to the american policy and its control over the world will shrink. Some of these wont be good news, others could be. A balance is very crucially needed, the US policy has only focused on its own interests and has alienated a huge part of the world.
Id imagine that if you hang around long enough, some interesting opportunities will come up. (key word being id imagine) Theyre bound to have some kind of girls + conne night where two of them have just broken up and they start talking about sex then you all have a friendly orgy. Even straight girls who are friends often end up making out some time, i say embrace that friendship and make the most of it
Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Seriously--you and every other straight guy you know are going to get enough shit from plenty of women just for having a sex drive, there's no need to internalize it and reproduce it among male friends. Seriously, what your friend should have done was tell you, before they went on their first date, what he intended. Not ask permission, just tell you. That gives him a chance to gauge your reaction and decide...
^^^^ can i go can i can i
Me and my friends never "fight" over a girl. If a girl doesnt like u but likes ur friend, then thats that. You shouldnt stand in the way, theres nothing youre entitled to here. Him not hooking up with her wouldnt have done you any extra good. However, you could rightfully be upset about him not telling you, but he came clean eventually, so i wouldnt break up a friendship over this. Friends you have now often last a lifetime but girls at this age come and go.
What if youre both short (5'8)and athletic with broad shoulders? some of the advice for both are contradictory
I need to find Short sleeved (not sleeveless) undershirts, with a rather wide neck opening and short tight sleeves, that can be worn under short sleeved or other shirts with a button or two undone. Anyone have any recommendations? Tried a few but when you open the shirt buttons most show a bit of the undershirt and that looks pretty ugly imo. Thanks guys.
Dont worry too much about the first line or whatever. Anything not too creepy to get a conversation going is fine. Id try to stay away from "where u from" "how old are you" questions during the first conversation. Shes seen all that before from litterally everyone she ever met. Sometimes it flows sometimes you just get stuck i guess. Dont overthink it though. I dont think you should be looking for specific lines or whatever, just a general attitude.
She wants to hang out, hook up, but not have a serious relationship. Shes perfect!
Conne, shes being a real bitch to you. Its not cool not to call back. Now she takes u for granted and treats u like shit. You should either forget about her or decide to play it dirty but id forget any emotional inclinations you have towards her.
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