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Actually lebanon will be screwed because christians will be screwed if we have a sunni oriented regime from Turkey to Syria to Egypt to Tunisia, and thats just the beginning...As far as Israel-Palestine conflict goes, i dont think itd be bad for palestinians at all. As much as Syria and Iran have held the banner for that conflict, i dont think they will ever be able to have any weight to throw behind palestinians since it has been so easy to play on the sunni-shiite rift...
Yes, but then lets not pretend any righteous morals or standards and values when dealing with this issue.Lets just say Israel was stronger and had more international backing so was able to screw palestinians and that might and force is what determines reality.Now palestinians can just suck it up or wait until a scientist creates pocket nukes that they can use.
Lets see. israel has state. State count = 1.I support Palestinains having a state => state count = 2.You dont => state count = 1.Yep, im against a two-state solution.
Caring about Land does not equal caring about any piece of land you throw at them.I dont get it. Israel, even if you justify all what happened in 1948 and before, is supposed to have certain borders. Now the palestinians seem unreasonable to want Israel to respect its own borders that it was created based on?
Lebanon was under the French mandate, but 1- There was no displacement of people 2- There was no mass importation of people 3- the borders were actually requested by the people residing here under the Lebanese delegations, the French actually advised against it and wanted a nation thatd include syrian christians along with lebanese christians.
Lol, ok. Theyre evil bloodsucking vampires hellbent on murdering the poor israelis.How about you dont come take their houses next time then?How about you give them the 67 land at least, since it wasnt Israels anyway? Before deciding they dont want the land?
So what? Who is disputing that? So now under the protection of a foreign army any community anywhere can start importing people, create violent groups to drive people away and establish a state?Then whine when those it kicked out want a state of their own?Thats just bullshit.So now the palestinians can whine in the UN and get everything vetoed by the US anyway. Yes big fucking deal. Thatll ruin the peace process. Not the settlements, not keeping people away from their...
I wonder the same, since palestinians are such a hateful violent bunch of animals, why is it that it happened this way?Maybe because the other communities werent a part of a western-decided british enforced plan to uproot them and establish a nation for others on their land with a combination of british military force, money, and israeli terrorism? Just a theory....
lebanese national team once got assaulted with knives there during a game against china. Referees were very biased as well and security didnt do shit
Schumacher was a great driver. People only remember the later dominant years but forget the time he was with Jordan, Renault, and early Ferrari. None of those teams was winning before him and none of them continued to dominate after. he often won with inferior cars and carried teams
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