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I never had cigars last more than a few days in humi so kept this crappy one. Now i have to upgrade, humi costs less than one cigar Edit: thanks bdeuce
Just start lower and work your way up. And play somewhere with rakeback.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum no i actually want help. i've read most of the articles on 2+2. saw a few training videos on deuces cracked and grinder school. tried playing micro ring games. realized i sucked. so stepped way down and tried to play freerolls. played like 20, won 3 tickets, never got in the money Read books. The ones that upped my game were Harrington's, but that was a while ago so there might be better beginner books...
I feel that Shoguns career and legacy got hampered by his injuries, itd be sad for him not to make a good title defense run now and cement it. Jones will have his time sooner or later, im hoping shogun pulls off a KO or some crazy sub. or maybe they ARE overhyping Jones?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy It's fighters' mentalities. Rashad probably actually thinks that he could beat Jones. Any half decent analyst would know that Jones would probably murder Rashad. Rashad has decent takedowns, but can't seem to really mount and effectice GnP, and he is fast for his division, with decent power. He also has a chim made out of Tofu. Jones is faster, longer, has better wrestling for MMA, way more power and a much more...
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex They were both undefeated, but I didn't have Jones or Bader at contender tier at the time. Those guys to me are Rampage, Machida, and Rashad (who Jones already said he wouldn't fight) Apparently Jones said hed fight Rashad and Rashad got mad and replied, then there was a lot of smack and rashad said hed want Greg Jackson to pick between em in case of a fight, etc.....
Anyone know of a good architecture/civil eng. forum where i could ask some simple technical questions? A bunch of volunteers are doing a sports complex project for a community and would like some help.
My current and former car were both convertibles. But both hard top convertibles as i dont find soft tops visually appealing. Dont care what others think, theyre great to drive around in, and when your stuck in traffic its much more relaxing to have the open space than be confined in a box
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i can see how this can be a sticky situation especially if they are both friends. in matts case he was sorta lucky its his brother, noone can question him on that. i wouldnt want to be in that situation picking over 2 friends. Just say you had alreay confirmed with first friend before 2nd friend told u about his
All the UFC cards are looking great this year (at least theoretically)
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