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If you look healthy and young most girls find grey hair very attractive. If youre fat and dress bad itll make it worse though
youre not comfortable telling her what bothers you let alone change it, yet somehow shes capable of enforcing everything she wants she pulls the modern woman card but doesnt work she doesnt work yet doesnt do much of anything either. the one thing she does partake in, you have to do as well when ur borderline dying I dont know how much u can change the dynamics now even if you do decide to do so. But i wouldnt put up with this shit if i was you
Fans were hard on GSP after the fight but i rewatched it and seriously? GSP absolutely toyed with him in the beginning, Shields had nothing, GSP was going for the strikes all the way, then got his eye poked and still dominated with one eye.
If the lowest setting with the head isnt low enough, i take the head off, you can still trim very safely without it.
I had two cohibas stay in a neglected humidor for about a year and a half, they dried out completely, now after a few monthes theyre softening up. I dont know if theyll taste good though
Ty, and hes a very close friend of mine and its a great cause, so i want to to do whatever i can to help him out here.
^ he wont be the head, hes just putting it together. The one who communicated the complaints is the experienced aide, and my friend had postponed a couple of times before, that and his high profile is what im assuming led the firm to ask for a rep. Or maybe they wanted to give him the choice to nominate himself if he wanted to. That was how i understood it and i communicated that to him, he said hed rather just follow it litterally and asked me. They had only had 1...
No no its not a scam. Far from it. My friend is the son of someone "very important", and hes helping his parent handle the launch of the charity. He was attending the meetings with an experienced aide, there was some stalling from the consulting firm, which then asked him to name a rep when he complained about the slow process. I think they figured because of his high profile hed be too busy to follow along. He chose to go along with this and asked me. They asked...
I will be representing a friend in meetings with a business consulting firm thats helping him start a charity/nonprofit organisation here. I have no qualifications/expertise, however i was told that my job will be to relay and communicate the info to my friend who doesnt have that expertise either, and he trusts my common sense in that ill understand what theyre telling me just as much as he would. The firm itself asked for a rep of his and said that no qualifications...
What if someone hasnt graduated yet but has some business meetings (not interviews)? would you think that a personal card would be suitable then?
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