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It isnt calculated word per word as many of his supporters think, but it is a calculated overall strategy.He adopted a brash style to stand out, saw that it was working and ran with it. The good news is that his style allows him to be flexible on many positions.He is very very far from an idiot.I know smart educated people have a very hard time admitting it to themselves, but what this guy did is very impressive. All the people who pride themselves as such insisted on...
It got him the presidency. What you see as foolish, a lot of voters saw as "accessible" and "close to people". The guy has successfully used image and brand in all his ventures and it got him to the top spot on the planet yet people want to insist that hes a senile idiot...
:D:D Really ethan? You sure you havent been saying it for a few years now? (well, before Putin bombed the salafis who were gonna do it )And btw there will be no industrial size killing (whatever that means). Plenty of regions have had reconciliations already and the syrian fighters who chose to surrender are all ok and their neck is still attached to their heads.Now the Chechen and other assorted imported terrorists would probably be dead unless someone buys them a ticket...
Nothing is sillier than an American who reads an article in his newspaper (which gets even american politics wrong) and thinks he can comment on other countries' internal politics while knowing absolutely nothing about anything
Russia's design for the world isnt working. Its the rest's anti Russia plans that have failed (or suffered a setback) with trump. They were rising militant islam inside and on Russia's borders and expanding Nato to every border of Russia then they bitch about Putin if he fights back. Hes not puttng missiles in Cuba or arming Mexicans in Arizona, youre doing that to Russia. Tens of thousands have been butchered directly and indirectly by the islamists that you were...
Where are you from wojt
Its happening.gif
Mosuls problem isnt liberating it from isis now. Its what you do after when theres like 3 or 4 sides liberating it and each wants to use it to extend its influence after. Erdogan already started crying about the lausanne treaty which gave mosul to iraq in 1923 lol. (Btw that should tell you what he wanted from aleppo before getting bitch slapped by Putin)
Aoun as president will be the biggest emotionally charged vindication ever. I wont believe it until i see it. But stocking up on champagne anyway. I remmeber being a kid and forced by my parents to burn all my aoun army pics for fear that the syrians would search houses. 26 years of exile and struggle later, here we are. Nothing will change maybe because president doesnt have power anymore, but its gonna feel good regardless
Aleppo is getting close. Oh and we might get a president soon.
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