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Im in lebanon but dont know much else about other countries here. Its really no problem safety wise here anywhere. If youre straying with no direction alone the maximum that could probably happen is you get stopped at a palestinian or hezballah checkpoint and are told to turn around. Its very safe to visit Baalbeck (shiite hezballah area) and Beiteddine (druze area). Usually here its either the country is on fire or its safe. Let me know of any help i could give.
Chael won the first and third in my opinion. The first was close but i watched it twice and give it to Chael without a doubt. Bisping took second. Chael may have had a rough weight cut or something. I dont understand the Rashad hate. He seems like a decent smart hard working guy to me.
Great film. Gosling is great in it. I dont get why everyone keeps mentioning Miami Vice though?
lebanese national team once got assaulted with knives there during a game against china. Referees were very biased as well and security didnt do shit
Schumacher was a great driver. People only remember the later dominant years but forget the time he was with Jordan, Renault, and early Ferrari. None of those teams was winning before him and none of them continued to dominate after. he often won with inferior cars and carried teams
I put dumbbells back in their spots but i dont re-rack the weight plates. Nor do i expect others to. Obviously if next guy cant carry the 20 kg plate ill help them out but thats never happened. Not that big of a deal having to handle weights in the gym, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower 99% of those guys are marketeers and scammers that prey on the socially inept. PU is useless - just put yourself out there, smile and make eye contact, don't take the rejections personally, realize that it's all a numbers game. I agree and disagree. Most if not all are FOS but they still may be useful. "Putting yourself out there" doesnt come easy to a lot of guys, and a lot of that bullshit PUA stuff...
Its not an age thing. And its not a class thing. I socialize with women of all ages and social statuses here, from lowest to highest, and while you will meet women who have broader interests than the typical college girl, or advanced careers, the majority of people (not just women) youll meet will still have the common shitty character traits that you may despise, and doesnt depend on what they know or talk about or how old they are. I have a friend whos pretty much...
Is there a new ongoing or finished building or construction right next to you?
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