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Nothing is sillier than an American who reads an article in his newspaper (which gets even american politics wrong) and thinks he can comment on other countries' internal politics while knowing absolutely nothing about anything
Russia's design for the world isnt working. Its the rest's anti Russia plans that have failed (or suffered a setback) with trump. They were rising militant islam inside and on Russia's borders and expanding Nato to every border of Russia then they bitch about Putin if he fights back. Hes not puttng missiles in Cuba or arming Mexicans in Arizona, youre doing that to Russia. Tens of thousands have been butchered directly and indirectly by the islamists that you were...
Where are you from wojt
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Mosuls problem isnt liberating it from isis now. Its what you do after when theres like 3 or 4 sides liberating it and each wants to use it to extend its influence after. Erdogan already started crying about the lausanne treaty which gave mosul to iraq in 1923 lol. (Btw that should tell you what he wanted from aleppo before getting bitch slapped by Putin)
Aoun as president will be the biggest emotionally charged vindication ever. I wont believe it until i see it. But stocking up on champagne anyway. I remmeber being a kid and forced by my parents to burn all my aoun army pics for fear that the syrians would search houses. 26 years of exile and struggle later, here we are. Nothing will change maybe because president doesnt have power anymore, but its gonna feel good regardless
Aleppo is getting close. Oh and we might get a president soon.
Some kurds are now allied with manufactured groups that were trained in turkey. The kurds kind of weaseled a web of arrangements with everyone since noone wanted an extra enemy on their back. The early FSA was figuratively led by officers who defected but everyone knew back then who the fighters were. It was the islamists. Even in earliest fsa videos you can see the black bandanas of isis and nusra flags on uniformed fsa soldiers. Which explains how the fsa simply...
You do realise that Hamas is a muslim brotherhood organization aligned with the ideology of Qatar and Turkey and both those countries send Hamas millions of dollars? (and yes iran sent/sends it weapons and support)And that Hamas has taken the islamists' side in the Syrian war and opposed Bashar Assad?And that if said support by Iran makes it a terrorist nation, then Clinton receiving support from Qatar would be equal to it receiving money from a terrorist nation as well?...
Assir was mainly in saida but of course was linked to the isis and nusra guys in arsal.He tried to form a military group that would target hezballah but he was an idiot.He ended up attacking the army posts in sayda and is now in jail.In fact they never hid that aim even before hezballah direct involvement in syria. They pretty much announced that lebanon is next. Theres a lot of them in camps and in the north now but theyre under check for now.Thankfully the...
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