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Was rewatching TDK yesterday and i noticed the ending really isnt solid. Why did Batman have to take the blame for Twoface;s actions? I realise its to save Dent's image, but they couldnt cover 5 murders on a day where the Joker blew up half the city except by pinning them on Batman? :s
Germany is a weird team to predict. I think they could easily lose this by a big margin or win it by a big margin or have it close. I dont think they have a solid enough defense to be able to sit back and close their area. Most of their players are heavily attack minded
Germany were better. Not at their best, but they dominated. Didnt translate into a lot of dangerous shots but it was always one targeted shot away. portugal had more obvious ones, but they were few. They had very fast counter attackers in Nani and Ronaldo so Germany couldnt overcommit in their offense which sort of held the game back. Overall i think they deserved the 1-0, but they will have to step it up if they want to win it all.
Im rooting for the Heat move to miami theatrics aside, i find Lebron one of the more likeable stars tbh.Everyone whined how he was making a weak move by playing with the other two but hes had to carry this team a lot of times. That said, i hate how bball articles are written after every game. Before game 6 it was like Miami will never figure out Boston. Now theyre talking as if Boston has no chance. If those guys shoot like they did in games 3 4 5, theyll win. James...
I agree. I thought it would be more powerful from all the positive reviews i read. Good film though
The Wire. Second for me would have to be The Shield i loved that show
Maradona was more of an attacking midfielder though. And maybe Pele too. Theyre in that blurry zone where most greatest players are where theyre not exactly a striker
It didnt have a difficulty setting that you could change if i remember correctly. I play simpler games usually but theyre way too simple on easy. My default is the second hardest setting
Hes not a douchebag. Some people act like those with money should not whine about anything. The truth is its all relative. If youre worried about money, then even if you had it the problems that would seem small to you would relatively appear bigger. Anyway, life is tough to figure out. Time passes by, youre thrown into a path without really knowing how you got there, and before you know it youre old and it feels like you didnt really have a say. Work and career and...
Demon souls was frustratingly difficult. Even with walkthroughs. But incredibly rewarding too. Took me forever though. Id just stop playing it for a month when id get pissed at how difficult it is.
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