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Actually the escalation is happening around russias sphere of influence and on its borders in ukraine and spreading NATO to all its surrounding countries and targeting its allies in the middle east. But anyway
Lol i had never read the rape stories but thats even more ridiculous than the trump stuff if true.
Its some places' specialty. You havent had 3assfour until youve gone to Halim in Bhamdoun. In other places its plain or they put too much sauce with it. Pisses me off.
Well theyre supposed to be bite sized, dont tell me you picked the meat out. You just eat it whole with the bones and stuff. That said i sometimes order just one. (As a side) We have the letter in our words but its too similar to s to warrant its own chat letter. We just use s for it.
Ethan you should work for the hillary campaign. Thats some great pivoting skills you have. Whats the 9 supposed to be there? You mean 3assfour? We eat what we hunt man. Those birds are skinny.
Lol. Crazy doesnt sound so bad now
If you have a video of him talking about pussy groping ill gladly forget all the world influencing matters he exposed and follow that story instead
You ignore the only window to some semblance of behind the scenes truth, while the persons exposed have never denied their truth and validity?
I dont know whether it was philosophy or ideology, it was probably just strategy since the former two actually imply some moral commitment. What i do know is it was followed and implemented.How am i overstating sunni shia division lines? They are whats used in every conflict in the region from Syria to iraq to yemen.Kurds have been repressed for years but theyre just as big assholes as every other group.Ethan, have you seen the wikileaks email that says that Saudi Arabia...
re: iraq and iran, you do know that in the 80s the US supported and armed and pushed Saddam in his sunni shiite conflict against Iran, right? Its not the first time it has used the countries as battlegrounds against eachother. Anyway, ive yet to hear a coherent explanation for the US foreign policy from another perspective: Seems it is: 1- We went to iraq as an oopsie, sorry. 2- Bashar Assad is an evil vampire who just wants to bomb people 3- Were supporting the...
New Posts  All Forums: