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It seems to me that american elections are 99.99% media and therefore money.Its funny how quick wit in debates counts for so much. Or if some candidate makes some silly mistake (trump excludeD) he immediately tanks in the polls, or if they focus on some silly scandal, etc....
Im sure the palestinians would rather have a few teachers hate them as long as they get billions of yearly american aid, unlimited military support, vetoes in the united nations against anything that hurts them, free reign to occupy territories, be an obligatory ritual for any presidential candidate to kiss their ass, have the media protect them 24/7.... So much antisemitism
Woukd hillary picking sanders as vp give her a huge boost?
Lol how is that anti semitic
Yup. Will be great for beaches/nightlife/girls. June July August is the best time to visit. Get in touch when you do!
Come on ethan, the rebuttal "we only backed the sdf in the east and not the west" is hardly worth a "shut the fuck up". Even the author continually tries to acknowledge the potential perceived ridiculousness. Anyway, there's a lot worse when you get into the CIA backing that Nusra used to receive
Trump should actually form a third party (as in not just for this election) in case they screw him over. How feasible is that?
The bible as far as we were taught is new + old testament. I get what youre saying that the old testament is a bunch of stories but Actually techniclaly the new testament is a bunch of stories as well written by the disciples who relay what they say is the word of Jesus, just like the old testament often relays what God and other prophets instructions are.
Lawyerdad, youre right. We werent taught that the old testament doesnt count either. But if you put a priest or christian in a corner about something, he can always say jesus corrected it or showed the right way. Islam is specific in the sense that islam is said to be "din wa dawle", which means religion and state. Its not only spiritual belief but an organized system for society to govern itself and for personal life, with rules to follow. Its often said that the...
Islam is a bit worse than christianity because its specific and because in Christianity you can basically bury your head in the sand and pretend that the Old Testament doesnt exist. But theres plenty of wiggle room there to be muslim and a decent person as many are. If the billions that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have spent financing radical sheikhs and mosques around the arab world had been spent on the opposite, you would have a very different islamic world. SOciety here...
New Posts  All Forums: