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Those panels actually make a big difference. I realised that what was bothering me isnt the fact that the toilet was enclosed there, but the actual design of the cabinets. Before the panels it all looked blocky and with each cavinet doors facing a different direction it felt like they were just moved here from another room. Its much better now. Is it common to have the too of the cabinets designed as such even when they dont touch the ceiling?
^ thank you that helps a lot. All the items were priced reasonably, many less than i expected. The difference comes down to the cabinets and labour which are a whole lot cheaper here.
Wow thats an expensive job. Had no idea it was this expensive in the US. Can you give more of a breakdown of the price in terms of labour and material and components? That glass looks great. I feel the wood closet and cabinets couldve been done way better in terms of design and how the toilet fits in. thats my only gripe with this.
Jphardy i love your place. Would definitely keep the wood beams and trims as they are and wouldnt change much.
Hey guys any inspiration for a mountain cabin? Any forums you guys can recommend for construction questions? It will have to be a concrete masonry house since wood here and the people who work with it arent that reliable. This wont be a diy project of course but id like to be informed specially for the best ways to insulate a cmu house from snow and water. I read about icf but never seen it around here.
Amazing game between chelsea and bayern today. I had a feeling bayern was going to equalise so i bet on it last 3 minutes lol. Game was intense and great to watch. Cant help but miss Heynckes though, last years bayern was just so incredibly solid and effective.
With how close the premier league often ends up cant blame mou for taking a calculated approach i guess
"The way you fuckin eat youre gonna have a heart attack by the time youre fifty". Season four episode ten, was just watching it
I bet dortmund at 3-1 :s they just had to add a 4th! Im happy though, i wish both heynkes and gotze were staying put next year to see these two great teams go on
Goetze is moving to bayern. Is someone there leaving? Muller kroos robben ribery, thats a loaded midfield already. Heynkes has been phenomenal, wish he wasnt leaving. Hes likely going to back to back champions league finals
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