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Hahaha plural! much better. Heads up though itll probably have palestine in place of israel
Im buying you a map for christmas ethan
Right. Its not like there are certain areas of Russia where thousands of islamists have come from to Syria. And those islamists never made any wars or troubles in Russia. Nope never. And the rise of an islamic state in the middle east would have in no way led to trouble there. Those islamists love russian christians.
Definitely that for the government wojt. Syria is one of the last allies russia has worldwide and its army is all russian trained and its the only foothold left for it in tbe region. But i ment that the average russian knows that this war is to defend russia as well, and doesnt need that much to be sold on it even if he wasnt aware of the broader geopolitical implications.
For Russians this isnt the same as say america when it went to war in iraq. Putin isnt selling them on helping some distant land where they have no business The situation in Syria hits way closer to hime because they have suffered from organised islamists before, and they know that had isis/alqaeda gotten a foothold, their own islamist Republics would be next. There are thousands of russian terrorists with the islamists now. Russians know that the west has always used...
Its nice to dream sometimes shah. Anyways back to NATO members and the terrorism they created
Id bet that only a minority is needed to bring hell to saudi arabia. The majority may be homogeneous but whoever is happy with the regime would never pick up a gun or put his life on the line for it. Heck not even half the armed forces would.
Yeah to be fair there is just about zero possibility that turkey was behind jt. Nothing to gain whatsoever and Turkey and Russia are set to start planning the syrian settlement. The plane came at a different time when Turkey was still flexing its ambitions in Syria. Putin out everyone in place and brought them to the negotiating table now. As ethan said and as Assad and Nassralla warned them years ago, their evils have come back to bite them. Turkeys government is...
The buses attacked were evacuating shiite civilians from the towns of Fou3a and kfraya. They were attacked by the opposition who have been sieging these towns for years.Even the aleppo militants are calling for these guys to stop so they can get their asses out in exchange.As for the article, it just doubles down on all the misconceptions, mistakes, shortsightedness that started and couldnt finish this mess.Syria and its allies are the reason this went down like it did.If...
The rebels were never anything else than groups of islamists that were being constantly imported through Turkey from wahhabi mosques under US cover worldwide to create havoc. There was no leadership, no cause, no project. When Russia and Turkey talked a few words and Turkey kind of stopped the flow, they crumbled. The thing about Aleppo isnt about surface or percentage of the city, the rebels throughout the war didnt manage to create trouble in Damascus (even with its...
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