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Amazing game between chelsea and bayern today. I had a feeling bayern was going to equalise so i bet on it last 3 minutes lol. Game was intense and great to watch. Cant help but miss Heynckes though, last years bayern was just so incredibly solid and effective.
With how close the premier league often ends up cant blame mou for taking a calculated approach i guess
"The way you fuckin eat youre gonna have a heart attack by the time youre fifty". Season four episode ten, was just watching it
I bet dortmund at 3-1 :s they just had to add a 4th! Im happy though, i wish both heynkes and gotze were staying put next year to see these two great teams go on
Goetze is moving to bayern. Is someone there leaving? Muller kroos robben ribery, thats a loaded midfield already. Heynkes has been phenomenal, wish he wasnt leaving. Hes likely going to back to back champions league finals
I think its the energy of their midfield especially in defense. Schweinsteiger especially and all the rest. Barca had possession but wasnt threatening at all. Very impressive by Bayern. Hrres hoping they dont fall short at the end like its been the last decade for german football.
Schweinsteiger is amazing. The amount of effort he puts in attack and defense is essential to bayern. He was everywhere in the game yesterday.
Big fan of dortmund since old glory days so happy they got through, but wasnt their best performance. Also one goal each was offside so not the best refereeing either.
The blatant one for me was when bardem actually said macallan and the watch shot when he was shifting. I didnt notice/wasnt irked by the rest.
Dethroning the best fighter in the world is nothing?And for Anderson, people can say Jones is new and green all they want, but he's already been on a massive streak and itll likely continue for the foreseeable future, making him soon to be in the discussion for "greatest", Anderson beating him right now would be huge as far as his legacy.Now if they truely like eachother that much or if Anderson isnt comfortable moving up, thats fine. But to say there'd be nothing to gain...
New Posts  All Forums: