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How many terrorists can idlib fit. Did those guys go there too? Its spared for the negotiations with turkey but if that fails thats gonna be interesting. Anyway, hope aleppo can finally have a safe christmas.
Its estez in lebanese ethan :P What do you think of Mattis?
His social media strategy is so underrated. Its ridiculous (in my humble opinion) that people still attribute it to foolishness and outlandishness only. He is effectively undermining the traditional media platforms that are all against him and have conspired against him and giving himself his own avenue. I see his continued tweeting and planned rallies as part of that strategy. And when you see that Bannon, a guy that was a part of a website that aimed to do just that,...
Old enough to know you werent clear at all with regards to what im asking. Let me explain.In your first post you said:Which seems to imply that while having his kids run the trust is OK, them being involved in the administration isnt.If you are now saying that its not ok to have them run the trust even if theyre not involved in the administration, then you must agree with me that this statement that i quoted was confusing.If you are saying what i though it did, then my...
Are you saying the vp and houses can use the blind trust issue to remove trump? Or are you talking about something other than the blind trust.
What im reading is that people are saying its not a blind trust if his children run it (regardless of whether they have positions or not) So basically they want someone thats not connected to Trump to run it. That doesnt seem very reasonable to me. If however youre saying the children can run it, but they shouldnt have a role in the administration then yes thats perfectly logical. Btw his daughter is in the transition team right? Does that role automatically end when he...
Which kid/under what capacity?Also, was Trump correct in that he legally doesn't have to?
Thats discriminatory. I feel like i need a safe space now.Im just reserving my right to whine about stuff that matters when/if romney bombs me.
So probably nothing to worry about there also.
Mehdi is a pretty common name in Iran. Its an arabic word thats important in shiite religion, refers to their awaited imam (analogous to a messiah in a way) no idea if its originally persian or arabic as a word. Ali is extremely common among shiites and iranians. Keon is purely iranian afaik.
New Posts  All Forums: