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I will say that the slim is very slim. I an only wear a BB slim, but the Ledbury slim was too tight. Loved the shirt though..
yes, that small circle it what Im talking about. I didn't think about returning them, I was hoping for some feedback that I wouldn't be looking at problems down the road. I use shoe trees when not worn, absolutely. And they're not completely broken in yet, they're getting there. I suppose I'll just happily wear them and enjoy them.
I have a beautiful pair of the Leather Soul styleforum short wings that I love. But when I first pulled them from the box I noticed that on the right shoe, the top of the front are was imperfect and not smooth. Now I own 5-6 other pair of Alden shell, and certainly understand that shell is a natural material so I wasn't that worried about it. I chalked it up to the shoes have additional "character." Today I noticed that there was a crease, and that there looked to be...
For sale are a virtually new pair of Alden v-tip shell cordovan shoes in Cigar, size 9EE, style 8736. I believe these are on the trubalance last and I bought these about a month ago from Shoemart as seconds. They've been worn about 6 times, as I thought I could make them work even though they were not the last that I normally wear, but they're just not right for me. There are a couple of minor scratches on the right side of the right shoe the can likely be minimized in...
another option is in New York. I know Nick is a member of the other clothing related forum and his services are well thought of.
Quote: Originally Posted by retozimmermann Nomos has the more elegant design if you ask me. I've been contemplating the same choice in the past as well and as much as one wants to get good value for one's money I've always felt that in this case the less expensive model just doesn't quite deliver what the more expensive one does. But in all fairness: I haven't bought either of the two watches yet. I should have included this in my earlier...
Certainly can be subjective, but I own both the Flieger Original and Marine Original and believe they are quite beautiful. I think the marine auto is a bit smaller than the MO but disappointment is not something I hear about the product very often. I also have a Seiko orange monster and in my opinion the difference in beauty of execution/perceived quality is significant. I'd venture to guess that you'd be quite happy with your purchase.
I second the plug for both a Stowa marine original or Nomos Tangente. I own both. The Nomos is much thinner, smaller and dare I say a bit dressier, but I actually prefer the substance of the Stowa. I'd bet the stowa was closer to the size and weight of the Tag you were looking at.
Does your watch have the blued hands?
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