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Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas 6.7 miles this morning in 53:07. around 50 degrees but left the sweatshirt at home. Pretty damn chilly. I just updated my training log and realized that this may be the first week I break 30 miles. Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas A slow 4 miles in the cold drizzle: partly recovering from 8 miles yesterday, parly gearing up for intervals tomorrow morning. On another note, I'm...
3 miles, preceded by a half hour bike ride. Then I sprinted the straight sections of the track and walked the curves for another 20 minutes.
Piobaire this looks excellent. When I go home for thxgiving, i'll be doing this with my mom's meat grinder. is that a special machine for the casing though?
Quote: Originally Posted by tor I've been following the blog for a while as well, but it's always nice to take a second look. Both are just fantastic. I can't argue with a hat of that magnitude.
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