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In this context, I believe "skinny" ties means ties from Alexander Olch and etc.
I pay $30/month for unlimited data via AT&T
For my linen coats and pants, NSM makes the trouser legs and jacket sleeves longer to account for the "accordion" affect. I don't mind wearing linen suit, shirt and tie combos in the summer.
I thought Juveniles was the best bang for the buck place that I found during my last trip. It is technically a wine bar that happens to serve really good food. Ellsworth is another place down the street that I've been meaning to try. I haven't been back to L'Arpege in a few years. The lunch used to be their vegetarian/straight from the garden menu. Is it now the "surprise" menu?
In case some of you might be interested, a number of Nakashimas are going on auction at Rago Arts. http://www.ragoarts.com/auctions/2015/10/17/mid-mod-auction?k=nakashima The prices don't seem that atmospheric from the auction estimates. For example, I think the estimates for the chairs and the table are 1/2 of the price new. Perhaps it is because these are relatively common pieces and not one of his extraordinary works.
Mine cracked on Sunday. I'm trying to decide if it is worth replacing the screen because I have the new iPhone on preorder. However my ship date is mid October.
This Darren Beaman still looks incredible, if only on a mannequin.
I think it makes sense for Claghorn not to own a black knit tie because he doesn't do a lot of high contrast looks. I think his complexion it is better with lower contrast and warm pairings, thus the brown knit is best for him. The black knit tie is great for high contrast looks and is best for evening events.
This was a good thread about knit ties. #4 is clearly superior for me and is the one made in Germany.
That just means you haven't seen the dense crunch knits made by that one factory in Germany.
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