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I got my brown mohair from Il Vecchio Drappiere. They said it was made by VBC.
I've seen people keep their sleeves up using a rubber band at their biceps. If you are wearing a DJ it won't show. That's the simplest last minute fix I have for you.
Consider Spring or Le Comptoir du Relais St Germain. Spring is a bit more dressy.
I thought you were fundamentally opposed to patterned linen.
This 1929 Gio Ponti burlwood armoire is the best I've ever seen.
Why did you get rid of your Shantung's? Season's just right around the corner. BTW, I notice I never wear ties with equal frequency. I notice they get worn in clumps.
What the sizing for the Sozzi no show socks for someone who wears US 9-9.5 shoes? Thanks.
Was this in Pudu? Or has that part of town gentrified?
I've been wearing this recent acquisition a lot lately. It's still cold and rainy and I'm still wearing my Lesser 16. Haven't switched to my spring/summer wardrobe yet.
A bit sweeter than expected. Vanilla, hint of oak and butter like finish.
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