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Some comments:Formal WearI think one of the reasons to hire a Savile Row tailor is for formal wear. Not that many people cut tailcoats anymore and you can be more certain of getting it right with a Savile Row tailor.This is Butler's via Steven Hitchcock.Here's one from Steed.Drape vs Non-DrapeBack in the days of AAAC and old SF, I recall that the Drapists were more fervent in their enthusiasm than the Non-Drapists. There were much fewer examples from the Non-Drapists. For...
I didn't realize the A Suitable Wardrobe archive is back. I might have to do a linen cream DJ for the summer.
This is a gorgeous coat, but sadly impractical. It's far too hot for any summer events in the US. Perhaps it would find more use in Europe. Though, as I understand it, there is regional variability in formal costumes. For example, my Swedish friends say that they don't wear tuxes in Sweden - it's either tailcoat or suit. There is no in between.
I might get a white tux jacket one day. But I fear Jeeves would disapprove.
A linen tuxedo? And you say a DB shawl tux is adventurous.
Anyone have experience with pottery barn faucets and fixtures?
If you are not from the UK (or close), then another important factor to consider is if any of the tailors travel to a city near you. Much of the bespoke experience is the service and adjustments after the suit has been delivered.
What do you see that suggests that the suit is Spanish? I haven't seen much Spanish tailoring.
Coincidentally, I am wearing my white bucks quite a lot recently.I wonder if the content of the fashion/style section of the NYTimes is influenced by what their advertisers want. I heard that's what happens with the NYTimes real estate section.
I assume Jake is starting his own thing, no?
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