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I think Smiths is the way to go for a tux. There is a picture of foo in his tux from Smith's 8810 but I can't seem to find it.
Slewfoot has posted a number of LL suits and sportcoats in the A&S expatriates thread. For example:
I have the RAF blue Agnelli flannel as a 3 piece which is very versatile and I like a lot. Wondering if another similar 3-piece in gray is worth the cost. I still have the Coops2 tweed waiting to me made up as a 3 piece.
It looks like LL is planning a remake of the grey Agnelli tweed. Why is it so popular? Isn't this at least the 3rd round?
There was one time when a lady asked me for my stylist. I was tempted to mention your name but I was afraid you would be embarrassed to make such easy money.
Have you written about what you got from Steed before? How many do you have now?I got a 18 oz flannel from them recently. Wore it yesterday when the windchill was like -20. Fantastic.
Here I thought "liabilities" referred to the people.
That's so next level.
I only buy cloth that is otherwise inaccessible to the tailor. I don't think you generally save money buying cloth. For example, NSM didn't have access to H Lesser and Smith's in the beginning. There were limited runs of cloth from LL and etc.
All things equal, heavier has better drape, warmer, less wrinkles and presumably longer lasting (I haven't gotten there yet). IMO the differences in warmth, going from 13 to 16, is greater in flannels than regular worsted.
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