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I mean Marc Gayot's personal bespoke shoes that he has lying around in the store. There is a brown Austrian side laced that has fantastic proportions. There is a brown captoe lace up that has developed a great patina. I also never realized that Marc Gayot made his own lasts and has made shoe trees for his own personal use. Kinda neat.
Wow. I didn't know they were that expensive because I didn't bother to check the prices. I took a closer look at the shoes Dimitri Gomez made for Marc Gayot and I think they look nicer than the samples at the C&J store. Sometimes I think sample shoes can be too flamboyant because they need to show off what the artisan can achieve.
Ironically these are the reasons I like them.
I stumbled by Mettez today. Quite a neat looking store. I guess it is the French version of the hunting and riding outfits. Too hot this week to try anything on even though they are in the sale season.
I believe I have mentioned it before but I think the best loafer design is the JM Weston 180. I might get a bespoke version made in cordovan one day.
In an Airbnb in Paris this week sans AC.
Just went on the Charles Heidseck tour. Unlabeled bottle is the 1985 Champagne Charlie literally straight from the caves.
Marcelo Gomes is best when paired with Vishneva. They are better together than apart. Hallberg is best as the antihero.
Guilty! Dionisio thinks he can cut a 3 piece from 3.5 m. If so I'll be guilty again 1-2 more times.
Are you making a suit this time round?
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