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Wow. Those prices are incredible.
It's a mix. The flannels in the Ice book might be worsted flannels.
Dormeuil Icehttp://blog.vanita.nl/2012/12/jubileumactie-dormeuil-suitings.htmlBTW, this pattern is suiting, not jacketing. It will look odd as a jacket only.
I am researching the cost of doing a residential renovation project in Manhattan. I found out that the expected cost for parking tickets (from double parking) is included in the bids.
I use clamps with the cuff up.
It's G&G based on the EG Herrick design, but taller. Almond shaped toe, double sole tapered to single sole at the waist, fiddleback waist, hatchgrained calf, metal toe plates, 3 piece boot trees.
I think my version of the boot has quite a refined looking last and is easier to wear with coat and tie than with jeans. Judge for yourself: When standing they look like regular shoes. For me, I think using buckles a much easier than using speed hooks. Also, I think monk straps are much easier to put on then lace up shoes.
Style wise, I think it performs like most other boots because the strap portion is hidden by the pant leg. Given that it looks like a descendant of the M1943 combat boot, I suppose there are SWD ways wear it too. Functionally, I don't like speed hooks for laces so the straps are my preferred option.
Lately, I've also been quite infatuated with book-matched marble bathrooms. I haven't been able to find estimated pricing per sq foot (other than just really expensive), so I suspect it might be quite obscene. Please talk me out of it.
I believe in NYC, bathrooms are supposed to have either pressure balanced or thermostatic valves. So I have to choose one va the other.
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