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So do regular tailors make capes or do you have to find a cape maker? A couple weeks ago my British Warm was insufficient for the cold and I actually was wondering if having a cape for another layer would be nice.
For evening events: Winter variants depending on formality Navy DB suit, white shirt black knit tie velvet blue coat, grey flannel pants, striped blue shirt, navy knit tie Summer variants Navy tropical wool vs blue mohair suit, white shirt, black knit tie, +/- Montecristi hat
Looks like you have a bolt of the cloth. One option is to drape the bolt of fabric across your chest and shoulder, mimicking the path of the lapel, and see how it looks in the mirror. you can also try it with various shirt an tie combos if you have the time and inclination.
Quadrille Ball NYC 2014, photos courtesy of Bill Cunningham NYTimes
The Young Fellows Ball at the Frick Collection is coming up again next month and is quite nice. Here are some pictures from last years event. http://frick.smugmug.com/Young-Fellows-Events/2013-Frick-Young-Fellows-Ball/28818358_SwGjm5/#!i=2447338942&k=7Mfxct8 Pics from the Met Apollo Circle Gala last year. http://bfanyc.com/home/event/7761
Nice interview with Boyer http://putthison.com/post/76220502644/fashion-of-the-1930s-at-the-fit-museum-curator-g
I don't think you can get out of Charvet at $600 a shirt unless the euro really falls compared to the USD. Duties are indeed very high, at least 20-25%. I was warned about it when I ordered the shirts. My Demi-measure was around 350-400 euros per shirt at the 2 lowest price points, excluding VAT but not including US duties. Grand measure will certainly be more.
NYC Easter parade
I'll also add that the weights of the LL fabrics are generally heavier than typically available.
In NYC I heard about a friend of a friend who only drives Über when it is raining or the weather is bad. I was out one Saturday night when it was raining hard. Über was 7x normal price. Apparently he made $1-2k that night.
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