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Mistakes are the unfortunate consequences of free will. I've had my share of hits and misses. L1991 implies that he might be rich enough to afford the risk. If he can afford it, I think it is better for him to take advise from a well known pro (such as Caraceni) than from internet strangers with vastly varying knowledge and credentials. He may not follow the advise but that's life.
Caraceni might actually be a reasonable option if he speaks Italian and he can afford it. Presumably the extra price for Caraceni includes tasteful advise and guidance, not just technical skill. I have never used them so I can't be sure but I have always assumed that the top houses get away with charging so much because you can be assured of their taste and that they won't steer you wrong.
Sigs don't show up on mobile.
Thomas Mason linen
Jerrybrowne is having Templeman make him a pair of Dovers. Or you could just ask him directly. http://www.styleforum.net/u/232428/ntempleman
I met Gianni and Marta in Milan last year and they seemed quite reasonable. I paid cash up front. Got my ties 2-3 months later. No hitch. You do have to see the swatches in person because I don't think everything he carries is vintage. Most of life is not black and white, there is lots of gray.I think people have to realize the Internet magnifies ideas, both the good and the bad. That's why you see some things being over hyped. That's why people get pilloried on Twitter...
The wig? Only at Versailles otherwise it is déclassé.
I recall that the context for this suit is that this LL member is a music teacher (?piano) and he uses this suit when he teaches. The design is based on an old vintage coat and vest but I can't seem to find the thread where the details are discussed. The suit looks vintage because it is supposed to be. As a uniform/costume for his profession, I think it is not an unreasonable choice.
I have a suit length of cream dupioni from Il Vecchio Drappiere waiting to be made up. Do I need a yacht before getting the suit? Unfortunately I get seasick, so no yacht will ever be likely.
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