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I like del frisco's for steak but is borderline for your budget. The one on 1221 6th ave is a nice location. There is a less formal del Friscos grill nearby.
This is the grain side out kudu.I think suede buckskin or similar deer suede is hard to find these days, even when doing bespoke. G&G said they have some Chinese buckskin. Generally G&G has more variety of kid suede but it is very soft and has to be reinforced.
Congrats on the good find. I wonder if the leather is cordovan.
Yeah. Perhaps Canta should change his avatar. Occasionally I think Canta is behaving oddly and then I notice the username.
DRESS CODES For Tuxedos, Blue Is the New Black http://nyti.ms/Tvkv94
Cool. Now it makes sense that he's a magician. I wonder if they'll do something similar at the NYC event.
If you ever make it over to Salerno, check out Cappelleria Russo Giosue. I got a Montecristi from there last summer. The hat buyer at Paul Stuart liked it so much he started giving me advice on its upkeep.
I believe the luxury watch market is all about aesthetics, after all cheap quartz watches keep time better than the best mechanical watch. If you go to the watch enthusiast sites, it is more about the beauty of the movement than its accuracy. Personally, I wear a watch more for the aesthetics. My iPhone keeps better time, automatically synchs to the timezone, daylights savings and etc.
Just saw this on the G&G tumblr http://gazianogirling.tumblr.com/post/85747638481
I was in Milan last week and noticed a number of men wearing suits in various shades of brown and tan. Seems more common there than in NYC.
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