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3 piece boot trees by Herve Brunelle.
You must be young. You haven't realized that it's not about you.
I have a blazer in Lesser 13 oz which has a twill weave. Smiths botany has non-two-tone blue sharkskins which look like a twill to me.
C&A, were the ties sold to you from the very beginning claimed as all vintage? The first T4page post said that at that time, some ties were vintage reproductions with some real vintage. Were you there at that event? Did Gianni label which was which? Or did you only get on board later?
There were a number of Dormeuil bolts at Au Bonhour des Dames at 1-3, rue Livingstone when I went a few months ago. There a lots of fabric stores in that area and so if it wasn't from that store, perhaps somewhere close.
Is Carl's new place across the street from the previous store on the 2nd floor, or is he in the same building on the 3rd floor?
I my experience MTO G&G can take longer than bespoke G&G.
Are there NYC garages that will let you charge a tesla?
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