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Food:Dishoom - several locationsSt. John Bread & WineBeigel Bake - you don't get salt beef &bagel in NYCJ Sheekey - the fish pie is quite goodDrinks-Nightjar makes good cocktails
I believe marcoalondra is calling into question the stated rules (eg by Sator) as "universally acknowledged truth" whereas in fact there is much regional variation.
I believe what you are demonstrating is the regional bias between the English and other Europeans. The English, and perhaps their prior colonies, prefer the morning coat for day weddings. I hear day coats in the UK are still quite common.
You guys should read the whole thread for old SF glory. The best comments include Despos' technical analysis of the A&S coat.
I believe it is circa 2010 by Hitchcock
Some comments:Formal WearI think one of the reasons to hire a Savile Row tailor is for formal wear. Not that many people cut tailcoats anymore and you can be more certain of getting it right with a Savile Row tailor.This is Butler's via Steven Hitchcock.Here's one from Steed.Drape vs Non-DrapeBack in the days of AAAC and old SF, I recall that the Drapists were more fervent in their enthusiasm than the Non-Drapists. There were much fewer examples from the Non-Drapists. For...
I didn't realize the A Suitable Wardrobe archive is back. I might have to do a linen cream DJ for the summer. https://www.asuitablewardrobe.com/blog/summer-evening-dress/
This is a gorgeous coat, but sadly impractical. It's far too hot for any summer events in the US. Perhaps it would find more use in Europe. Though, as I understand it, there is regional variability in formal costumes. For example, my Swedish friends say that they don't wear tuxes in Sweden - it's either tailcoat or suit. There is no in between.
I might get a white tux jacket one day. But I fear Jeeves would disapprove.
A linen tuxedo? And you say a DB shawl tux is adventurous.
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