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I have a number of DBs from NSM and some have more belly than others. Not sure if it is because of the cloth, the cutter or a combination of the two.I found the cloth a couple years ago on EBay. It said Carlo Barbera for H Lesser on the selvedge and it was sold by Harrisons (Burley) so I figured it was probably genuine.Dionisio thinks he can cut a 3-piece for me in under 3.5m for non patterned cloth. I think I might test him on it because I have a few 3.5m lengths that I...
Edited original post with additional details. Double navy is from Drakes. Got it from the London store. Somehow I got the version without the red stripe in between the white stripes.
This is my first batch. All Shantung ties - or how I learned to stop worrying and love the slubs. NSM H Lesser Golden Bale. Paul Stuart tie, probably by Drakes NSM Slewfoot fresco, Drakes NSM Carlo Barbera for H Lesser, Drakes Formosa, Carlo Barbera for H Lesser, Conrad Wu NSM LL RAF blue POW, Drakes
Then the question is whether you prefer to optimize the aesthetics or to optimize your workspace around the tub/toilet? I tend to prefer function over form.
$5-6k is a tough price point for someone just starting out because he is competing with Logsdail, who is local, not to mention all the SR firms that visit.
Campbell Apartments is closing! Maybe I'll have to get one more prohibition punch before that happens.
Viet Thai is quite good.
Great documentary on JLSJ.
Anyone with experience with Harrington Brass or Waterworks Bath fixtures? Are the worth the $$$?
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