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I think the tux is quite optimal in enhancing the male silhouette at night. The cummerbund or vest elongates the leg line. The white shirt surrounded by the black coat can contribute to the illusion of slimness. It may be costume but it is hard find other clothing that does all that better. The white tie rig is even better but has to be made to the wearer for it to work and is thus inaccessible to most.
Apparently this internet marketing works for some businesses. For example:
Saw this yesterday.
Looks like it is T4 but I can't tell because he isn't grinch green.
About 60-65% off the astronomical MSRP. eg 60% off $11k+ croc loafers
I thought the move to turbo in the past few years was to meet CAFE regulations.
Yeah 30 CdL suits/jackets is about a 100-150k euro equivalent thrift find.
I think there are variations accentuated by the individuals shoulder and trapezius. I had a whole discussion of it in the NSM thread complete with red lines and etc.
Best time to go is when they just open at 11AM or a few minutes before. All other times, it is mostly packed and I don't bother.
The normal shoulder gives a rounded look too. I'm not just talking about just the shoulder but the whole gestalt.
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