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Technically the cloth woven for Frank is different because it was made with the apex pointing up rather pointing down. Were you the one that told me that or was it Frank?
Huh? The brown barleycorn was the first cloth LL did with Molloy.
I think the navy blue London is sufficient. I don't think you need a second suit. My impression is that at these medical conferences the guys wearing suits are either presenting, chairing a session or trying to sell you something.
In regards to price, it seems commensurate with Drake's bespoke which is 150 GBP. Kiton RTW is about 300 USD. Cappelli and Sam Hober are very good value for your money in comparison. It really depends on how much you willing to pay for particular pattern or design. Margins must be potentially huge in the tie business.
I had met Gianni and Marta in Milan a few months back and they seemed perfectly reasonable. Then all the controversy about Passaggio Cravette started and had me worried for a while that I wouldn't get the ties that I ordered. I did receive my ties eventually but it wasn't without some anxiety. I like the ties I received and I'm thinking of getting more because he has patterns that I have seen nowhere else. Unlike some people, the age of the fabrics have never been selling...
The dinette is in PS1. The steakhouse has opened. http://mobile.nytimes.com/2014/01/29/dining/restaurant-review-m-wells-steakhouse-in-long-island-city-queens.html?referrer=
What about M Wells in LIC? I have only been to the dinette, not the steakhouse.
Hmm in that case would you consider cutting the waistcoat higher since the trousers allow it? You'd have to remake it, but it might be an interesting exercise. One issue would be that style vest is more british and the Italians may not want to make it.
Spoke too soon. The duties hit just arrived.
For me the execution of dishes at Mission Chinese is not that great compared with the alternatives.For example the take the Kung Pao pastrami. For alternatives in the Chinese arena, I prefer the Hunan method of cooking smoked or cured meats. There's a good Hunan place in the Murray Hill area. For pastrami, I prefer Katz's. The best inventive pastrami dish have had is the foie gras pastrami from Vetri. It is a foie gras cured like a pastrami, lightly seared served with a...
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