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Do you have more detailed pics? This this a SB or DB coat?
BTW I found a place I Vienna next to the Opera that sells collapsible top hats! They even sell capes! Though I resisted the temptation (this time).
The leather is so buttery soft. So comfortable to wear. Somethings gotta give. Life's full of compromises.
I mix it up.
I rented a car with an automatic and drove through the Luberon. Scenery is gorgeous. I think the car is best if you want to visit the small hilltop towns. Took the train to Avignon and Arles. Had to train it down to Marseilles to find a car with an automatic.
Saw some nice refurbished Jugendstil furniture, circa 1910-11. Prices are not bad compared to new furniture but have to ship it to the US. Didn't pull the trigger because I don't know enough about that era. The original upholstery maker is still in business and the refurbished upholstery used the same original designs.
Many of the pics I posted in the white tie thread were from my GM1. I think the image quality is noticably better, particularly in tough lighting conditions.I don't mind the bulk of the camera, particularly when at an incredible venue such as the Hofburg or Staadtopera.Comparison with an iPhone pic.
It's ridiculous how much stuff plies up in my pockets for these events - keys, wallet, phone and camera. The camera is the really quite a compromise between size and image quality. I was impressed that I could stuff a GM1 with a 15mm lens in the breast pocket of my tailcoat.
I have a pair of bespoke shoes from G&G in black baby calf, presumably sourced from AA Crack. Baby calf is thin and very soft but wears faster than regular calf. Mine have started to crack at the crease.
I think it depends on the circumstances of your black tie events. Do you expect to go with a date? If you go alone, I think it can be argued that you might want to peacock a little.If you go with a date, I think a man's role should be a little more sedate (eg grosgrain lapels). I don't mind dressing in a more sedate manner so the date stands out more in comparison. The more flashy you dress, the more you compete with your date.I like vents because I keep my keys and...
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